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Old Maps of Colombia

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Colombia is a country located within South America, as well as an insular region of the country located within North America. Colombia is one of the world’s seventeen megadiverse countries, and is also the only country in South America with coastlines on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Covering an area of around 1.14 million square kilometers (440,831 square miles), Colombia is home to a population of 50 million. Colombia is also a country that is known to be very culturally rich, being influenced by African culture, European culture, and as well as indigenous populations. The country is a presidential participatory democracy, and the current president is Iván Duque Márquez since 2018.

Made up of six geographical regions, Colombia has varied landscapes found within the country. The Andes mountain range can be found, as well as Pacific Coastal regions and Caribbean coastal regions. Colombia is bordered by Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru. The climate of Colombia is known to be very tropical, due to the country’s close proximity to the equator. Due to geographical differences, there exists a vast amount of different climates within the country.

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