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Vintage Map of Zhejiang, China 1665
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Old Maps of China

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China is the largest country located in Asia, both based on population and area. With a population of around 1.4 billion inhabitants, China is the largest country in the world. Because of its great size, the country spans over five different time zones and also borders 14 different countries, which is the second most in the world following Russia. In fact, China is so large, its land mass covers 1/14th of all land area on Earth. The country is also split into 23 provinces, five autonomous regions, as well as two Special Administrative Regions, which are Hong Kong and Macau. Currently, China is a one-party socialist republic.

Because of its great size, there exists numerous different climates and landscapes within China. China is home to the Yangtze and Yellow River, which are both within the top ten longest rivers on Earth. Along with this, Mount Everest also calls China its home, being one of the tallest points on Earth. The climate within China greatly varies due to its size. However, China can own a majority of its climate from the air masses that are located between the country and the Pacific ocean. China is also known for having variability with precipitation. This is because the country has had a long past with droughts and floods, as well as typhoons affecting regions within the country when summer hits.

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