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Old Maps of the United States

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The United States of America is a transcontinental country primarily located in North America. The country is known to be a melting pot country, meaning it is home to hundreds of thousands of individuals from different ethnicities and cultures. It is the world’s third largest country by population, home to an estimated 331,893,745 inhabitants. The United States is also the world’s third largest country by area, spanning over 3,796,742 square miles, or 9,833520 square kilometers. The government is a representative democracy, with the current president being Joe Biden and the vice-president being Kamala Harris.

The United States is actually one of seventeen megadiverse countries, which is mainly due to its large size and the amount of endemic species that can be found. The country is home to roughly 428 mammal species, 784 birds, 311 reptiles, 295 amphibians, as well as 91,000 insect species. There are currently 63 national parks operating in the United States which are all managed by the National Park Service. Like other countries similar in size, the United States deals with a handful of environmental issues, with topics such as climate change, oil and nuclear energy, air and water pollution, as well as the economic costs of protecting wildlife.

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