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Old Maps of Scotland

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Scotland is a country that is a part of the United Kingdom. The country makes up the northern section of Great Britain, and shares a border with England. There are over 790 islands included in the country of Scotland, which are mainly surrounding the archipelagos of Hebrides and the Northern Isles. Scotland is the second most populated country in the United Kingdom, holding a population of 5,463,300 inhabitants, which accounts for 8.3% of the United Kingdom’s population. A great majority of the population is situated within the Central Belt, which is the area between Scotland’s highlands and the Southern uplands.

During the Pleistocene ice ages, Scotland was covered in glaciers which can be evident upon looking at the landscape, due to its varied landscape with mountainous terrain and flatland. The geographical center of the country is home to the highest point, Ben Nevis. The mountain reaches an altitude of 1,344 meters, or 4,409 feet above sea level. The climate of Scotland is temperate and oceanic, and has been seen as very changeable. The Atlantic ocean currents give Scotland its slightly warmer temperature than any other country in the United Kingdom. Heavy snowfall is not common, however snow amounts depend on the altitude. Coastal areas average around 10 snow days per year, while Braemar, a highly elevated village, experiences 59 snow days per year.

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