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Old Maps of Brazil

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Brazil is located in South America, and is the largest country within South America and Latin America, with an area of 8.5 million square kilometers (3.3 million square miles) and a population of over 211 million inhabitants. This also makes Brazil the sixth most populated country in the world, as well as the fifth-largest country by area in the world. Immigration plays a key role in the large growth of Brazil, and because of this, Brazil is one of the most multiethnic and diverse countries in the world. The capital is Brasília, and the most populated city is São Paulo. Because of its large size, Brazil shares a border with every South American country with the exceptions of Ecuador and Chile. The country is so large it takes up about half of the entire continent of South America’s land!

The climate of Brazil is greatly varied due to its large size. Within Brazil, there are six major climatic subtypes, and they are as follows: desert, equatorial, tropical, semiarid, oceanic, and subtropical. Many regions within Brazil have vastly different microclimates. Similar to the climates found within the country, the land itself varies, with many highlands and lowlands. The highest peak within Brazil is Pico de Neblina, with an altitude of around 9,827 feet above sea level. The lowest point would clearly be the Atlantic Ocean, sitting at sea level.

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