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Panama is a transcontinental country located between Central America and South America. The country borders both Costa Rica and Colombia. Spanning an area of around 75,417 square kilometers, or 29,119 square miles, Panama is the 116th largest country in the world. The country is home to a population of around 4 million inhabitants. The capital city, which is also the largest, is Panama City, and is home to around half of the population. The government of Panama is a presidential representative democratic. The current president is Laurentino Cortizo, who has served in his position since 2019.

Panama’s environment and wildlife is the most diverse within Central America. The most dominant features within Panama’s geography are the two large mountain ranges within the country, the Tabasará Mountains in the west and the Cordillera de Sans Blas located in the east. These ranges extend for nearly the entire length of the country. The highest point located in the country is Barú, which is an inactive volcano. It reaches a peak of 11,401 feet, or 3,475 meters. As for the climate, the temperatures are typically high year round, and there is very little seasonal variation. Panama is also one of the world’s three countries to be carbon negative, which means it absorbs more carbon dioxide than it releases into the atmosphere.

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