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Vintage Map of Persia 1901
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Old Maps of Iraq

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Iraq is a country located in western Asia, bordered by Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria. With a total population of 40,222,503, Iraq is a country home to numerous ethnicities and religions, making it a very diverse country. The capital and largest city is Baghdad. Some other large cities in Iraq are Mosul, Basra, and Sulaymaniyah. The official languages of the country are Arabic and Kurdish, however many others are recognized as well, such as English, Neo-Amharic, Turkish, and Armenian. The government is a democratic federal parliamentary republic, and the current president is Barham Salih.

The landscape of Iraq is very diverse. In fact, Iraq contains seven different terrestrial ecoregions, and they are as follows: Zagros Mountains forest steppe, Middle East steppe, Mesopotamian Marshes, Eastern Mediterranean conifer forests, Arabian Desert, Mesopotamian shrub desert, and South Iran Nubo-Sindian desert and semi-desert. The two major rivers of Iraq are the Tigris and the Euphrates river. These two rivers flow into plains, and they both carry silt. The highest point within Iraq is the Cheekha Dar, which stands at an elevation of 3,611 meters (or 11,847 feet) high. The climate of Iraq is hot and arid, along with subtropical influence. The average temperature in the summer is around 40॰C (104॰F), and can easily exceed temperatures of 48॰C (118॰F).

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