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Vintage Map of Persia 1832
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Vintage Iran Maps

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Old Maps of Iran

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Iran is a country located in Western Asia, bordered by Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Covering an area of 1,648,195 square kilometers (that is 636,372 square miles), Iran is the fourth largest country entirely in Asia, and is the second largest country in Western Asia following Saudi Arabia. Iran holds a population of 85 million, which makes it the seventeenth most populated country in the world. The capital, and also largest city, is Tehran. Some other important cities are Mashhad, Isfahan, Karaj, Shiraz, and Tabriz. Iran’s government is known as an Islamic Republic, with a supreme leader. The current leader is Ali Khamenei.

Iran is located in an area that is very common for earthquakes. In fact, on average every 10 years one 7 Richter scale earthquake is believed to occur. The two major mountain ranges found within Iran are the Zagros Mountains, which go from the Iran-Turkey border to the southeast of the country, and Elburz Mountains, which run along the south. The highest point of Iran is Mount Damavand, a stratovolcano that stands at an elevation of 5,609 meters, or 18,403 feet. Mount Damavand also serves as the highest volcano in all of Asia.

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