Vintage Map of Peru & Bolivia 1851
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Old Maps of Bolivia

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Bolivia is a country located within western central South America. Since Bolivia is a landlocked country, it shares its borders with Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru. Bolivia can be defined as a melting pot country, as the country’s population of 11 million is multiethnic, consisting of Amerindians, Mestizos, Europeans, Asians, and Africans. And although Spanish is the official language of the country, there are around 36 different indigenous languages that are recognized as well.

When it comes to the land itself, around one third of the country falls within the Andean mountain range. Because of this, Bolivia is often referred to as a highland country as a great majority of the country’s largest cities are located within the mountains. In fact, the mountainous region is one of the highest inhabited areas in the world. Bolivia consists of three physiographic regions, which are the Andean region, the Sub-Andean region, and the Llanos region. The Andean region consists of some of the highest altitudes in the Americas, and consists of 28% of the territory. The Sub-Andean region is located within the center of the country and comprises 13% of the territory. Lastly, the Llanos region makes up 59% of the land, and is a region covered with numerous rain forests.

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