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Vintage Map of Chile 1665
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Old Maps of Chile

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Chile is a country located within South America that occupies a long and narrow stretch of land. In fact, Chile’s width averages around 110 miles wide. The total area of the country is around 756,096 square kilometers (or 291,930 square miles), and the country holds a population of around 17.5 million. Chile is bordered by Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. Although a developing country, Chile is a high income economy and is home to one of the most stable economies in Latin America.

Because of its long length and short width, there exists a vast majority of landscapes and climates within Chile. In fact, the driest desert in the world calls Chile its home – the Atacama Desert. In contrast to the harsh conditions of a desert, Chile is also home to mediterranean climate, as well as oceanic climates, complete with alpine tundras and glaciers. Chile is a country located near numerous volcanic zones, leading to very mountainous landscapes. In fact, Chile is home to the largest volcano on Earth. It is called Ojos de Salado, and stands at an elevation of around 22,615 feet. Currently, the volcano sits dormant.

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