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Vintage Map of Denver, Colorado 1907

Vintage Map of Denver, Colorado 1907

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Digitally restored and printed on museum-quality paper with archival ink in ultra high detail. Available framed, unframed or on 1.5 inch wrapped canvas. Made by hand in the USA.

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Denver, Colorado Vintage Map

Historic Denver Landmarks On This Map

  • Abbott The, O E Taussig prop, 19th & Curtis
  • Abels Cigar Store 833 16th Margin View
  • Adams Hotel, 18th & Welton
  • Ady & Crowe Mere Co, 15th & Delgany
  • Albany Hotel, 17th &Stout
  • Albert Hotel, 17th & Welton
  • Althoff Mfg Co, Ice making machy, 1415 Wazee
  • American Clay Works, W 18th & Bryant
  • American Furniture Co, 1540 Lawrence
  • American Hotel, 16th & Blake
  • American Live Stock & Loan Co, 209 Exch Blg U Stockyards
  • American Liquor Co, whl liquors, 1900 Larimer
  • Anheuser-Busch Bwg Assn Depot, 10th & Wazee
  • Appel Suit & Cloak Co, 16th & Calif
  • Arenz Commission Co, fruits & vegs, 1654 Market
  • Armstrong-Turner Milnry Co, whl, 1617 Calif Margin View
  • Astor The, Aptmts, 1960 Broadway
  • Auditorium The, bet Curtis & Champa, on 14th
  • Austin Candy Co, mfrs fine confecy, 1821-37 Market
  • Ayres F C Mere Co, whl hay, grain, 1715 Wazee Warehouse, 580 W Walnut
  • Baker Theater, at the loop, 15th & Lawrence
  • Baldwin Co The, pianos, 1626 California Margin View
  • Barclay Block, 18th & Larimer
  • Barnes H L & Co, live stock com, 109 Exch Blg U Stockyards
  • Barteldes Seed Co, 16th & Wynkoop
  • Bartels Bros, real estate, ins, 583 17th opp Albert Hotel
  • Bartels Estate, vacant property, W 9th & Tejon
  • Belvedere Hotel, Jno Latimer prop, 15th & Glenarm
  • Benedict Warehouse & Transfer Co, office, 601 15th Warehouse, Inca st
  • Benedict & Gill, fire insurance, 104 Boston Bl
  • Bennett & Myers, real estate, 1010 16th, Opera H Bl
  • Bilz Charles, Franklin Motor Cars, 1438 Court Pl
  • Bingham H W & Co, lumber, mill work, 3rd & Larimer
  • Birds-Eye View Pub Co, Views, Maps, Accurate and Reliable Publicity by Pen and Picture, 1824 Curtis, W N P U Bldg
  • Bishop Frank L. real estate, ins. 206 Colorado Bl
  • Blatz Val Brewing Co, 1519 10th
  • Boston Block, 17th & Champa
  • Boyd Park Jewelry Co The, 16th & Curtis Margin View
  • Brecht Butchers Supply Co, 1561 Wazee
  • Brown J F Inv Co, real estate, 202 Boston BI
  • Brown J S & Bro Merc Co, whl gro, 18th & Wynkoop
  • Brown Palace Hotel, N M Tabor mgr, 17th st, Tremont & Broadway
  • Bullock Calvin, stocks, bonds, 200 Calif Bl Margin View
  • Burke-Murray-Votow Live Stk Com Co, 306 Exch Blg U Stockyards
  • Burlington Ticket Office, 17th & California Freight Depot
  • Burns Furniture Co, 1613 Welton
  • Burpee Chas L, real estate, 1530 Curtis, St James Bl
  • Caf Mozart, Lendholm & Secord, 1647 Curtis Margin View
  • California Building, 17th & California
  • Capital Ice & Storage Co, offices, 1722 Blake Plant, 4th & Wazee
  • Capitol Life Insurance Co of Colorado, Thos F Daly pres, 212 Opera House Bl
  • Card W L & Son, concentrator mfrs, 1800 W Colfax
  • Carmichael Inv Co, real estate, 731 15th, Coronado Bl
  • Carper F D & Co, real eastate, 214 Boston Bl
  • Carson Jno & Bro, china, glsware, 734 15th Margin View
  • Carter, Rice & Carpenter Paper Co, 1625-31 Blake
  • Cartwright Inv Co, real estate, 729 17th, Albany B
  • Century Building, 17th & Stout, J A Ferguson, owner
  • Chamberlin F J inv Securities Co Ltd, 639 17th
  • Chamberlain-Dillingham Ore Co, offices 514 Symes Bl Plant, 3rd & Larimer
  • Chamber of Commerce & Bd of Trade, 14th & Lawrence
  • Charles Building, H M Porter owner, 15th & Curtis
  • Chic & N W Ry Ticket Office, 17th & Stout, Century B
  • Citizens Trust & Savings Bank, 640 17th, Nevada Bl
  • City Hall, 14th & Larimer
  • City Stock Yards, G L Goulding, 2225 15th
  • Clay, Robinson & Co, live stock com, 205 Exc Bl U St. kyds
  • Cloud H J, real estate, 1025 17th
  • Clow R L, land office, 1513 Stout, op Coronado Bl
  • Cobb C D & Co, fire ins, 1012 15th, next Exch Bl
  • Coe & Stedman, real estate, 630 17th, Nevada Bl
  • Coffin Packing & Provision Co, 1747 Market
  • Colburn Automobile Co, mfrs Colburn Automobile, Colburn Bl, 15th & Colfax
  • Colfax Av Floral Co, E Colfax & Josephine
  • Colfax Pressed Brick Co, offices 418 Exchange Bl Plant, 1740 Clay st
  • Colorado Building, 16th & California
  • Colorado Bureau of Immigration Co, 501 Boston Bl
  • Colorado Ice & Storage Co, W Colfax
  • Colorado Industrial Exposition Assn, C E Stubbs, pres, 421-Opera House Bl
  • Colorado Land Headquarters, farms, ranches, 814 17th
  • Colorado Midland Ticket Office, 17th & Calif Margin View
  • Coloardo National Life Assurance Co, 2nd fl Symes Bl
  • Coloardo P & P Co, plant (map view) U Stockyards City sales branch, 1611 Market
  • Colorado Telephone Co, Telephone Bl, 1421 Champa
  • Coloardo Tent & Awning Co, Robt S Gutshall, pres, 1636-46 Lawrence
  • Colorado Warehouse Co, S B Turner mgr, 19th & Wazee
  • Coloardo & Southern Ry, general offices, Cooper Bl
  • Colorado & Southern Tkt Office, 17th & Curtis Freight Depot
  • Columbia Hotel, 17th & Market
  • Commonwealth Building, 15th & Stout
  • Concordia The, August Drumm, 1643 Arapahoe
  • Continental Building, 16th & Lawrence
  • Continental Trust Co, R 102 Continental Bl
  • Cooper Arthur, real estate, 211 California Bl
  • Cooper Bulding, 17th & Curtis
  • Coors A, office and city order dept, 1736 16th
  • Coronada Building, 15th & Stout opp Commonwealth Bl
  • Country Club
  • County Hospital, W 6th av & Acoma
  • Court House, 16th & Tremont Place
  • Cox-Jones Commission Co, 103 Exc Blg
  • Craft-Cable-Hymer Inv Co, real est, 813 17th, Century Agents vacant property 20th & Franklin
  • Crescent Brick Co, W 20th & Decatur
  • Crescent Mill & Elevator Co, Golden Rod Flour, foot of 20th st
  • Crescent Realty & Inv Co, 717 17th
  • Crews J T, whl grain, potatoes, 1540 Market
  • Croke T B, real estate, 605 Commonwealth Bl
  • Crystal Theater, Ira G Adams prop, Curtis nr
  • Cumble E R, Rambler & Mitchell Autos, 1541 Cleveld Pl
  • Curran Bill Posting & Distb Co, 1728 Lawrence
  • Daniels & Fisher Stores Co, 16th & Lawrence
  • Davis F M Iron Works Co, 8th & Larimer
  • Deep Rock Artesian Water & Bottling Co, 614 27th
  • Delaney Carriage Co, 2336 Lawrencec
  • Del Norte Live Stock Co, W 4th & Tejon
  • Denver Abstract & Trust Co, 719 18th Lewiston Bl
  • Denver Business College, 1543 Genarm Pl
  • Denver City Realty Co, 607 Kittredge Bl
  • Denver City Stream Heating Co, 1960 19th
  • Denver City Tramway Co, offices, Majestic Bl Central Power Station, 14th & Platte
  • Denver Convention League, W F R Mills see, Chamber Commerce Bl
  • Denver Dry Goods Co, 16th & California
  • Denver Elevator Co, 22nd & Wewatta
  • Denver Gas & Electric Co, offices, 405 17th
  • Denver Iron & Wire Works Co, 1045 Shoshone
  • Denver Lithographing Co, 1340-50 Lawrence, next to W A Hover
  • Denver Live Stock Com Co, 104 Exc Blg
  • Denver Portland Cement Mills
  • Denver Press Club, 315 Ry Exc Bl, 17th & Champa
  • Denver Pressed Brick Co, plant W 17TH & Clay Offices, 219 Temple Court Bl
  • Denver Republican The, 1118 16th
  • Denver Stock Yards Bank, 100 Exch Bld
  • Denver Storage Warehouse, 1521 20th, cor Wazee
  • Denver Stove & Malleable Iron Co, 1168 Fox
  • Denver Tent & Awning Co, Alfred S Proctor pres, 1434 Larimer
  • Denver Transit & Warehouse Co, office, 1319 16th Warehouse, 1401-27 Wynkoop
  • Denver Union Stock Yard Co The, G. W. Ballantine gen mgr, offices 3rd floor Exch Blg Union Stockyards
  • Denver & Rio Grande R R Co, offices, Equitable Bl
  • Ticket Office, Albany Hotel B, 17TH & Stout
  • Freight Depot 11th & Wynkoop
  • Shops, W 8th & Navajo
  • Dold Jacob Packing Co, R W Turner mgr, 1647 Market
  • Dome Investment Co, Ideal Blg, 17th & Champa
  • Dorr Fred, stocks, grains, cotton, 12 Equitable Bl
  • Drexel Hotel, 17th & Glenarm Pl
  • Dreyfuss J S & Co, clothiers, 16th & Larimer
  • Duffy Moving & Storage Co, office, 522 15th Warehouse, 1001 Bannock
  • Dunn Chas J builder and Jobber, 1328 Inca
  • Dunn Jos P Shoe & Leather Co, 1748 Lawrence
  • Eagle Milling & Elevator Co, 8th & Curtis
  • East Turner Hall, 22nd & Arapahoe
  • Eatons Warehouse, W R Eaton mgr, 9th & Wazee
  • Eggert Artesian Ice Co, 400 Wyandotte
  • Eleventh Ave Hotel, F Wheeler prop, 11th av & Bdwy
  • El Jebel Temple Shrine, 18th & Sherman
  • Ellis F A & Son, hdwr, 1645 Arapahoe Margin View
  • Empire Ad Sign Co, 1940-48 Curtis
  • Empire Building, 16th & Glenarm Pl
  • Empire Feed & Fuel Co, 2100 Kalamth
  • Enterprise Bl, J F Brown Inv Co, agts, 15th & Champa
  • Enz & Orr, iron founders, 1739 Blake
  • Eppel C B, whl commission, 1519 Market
  • Equitable Building, 17th & Stout
  • Ernest & Cranmer Building, 17th & Curtis
  • Ethelyn The, W F Mallory, 433 W Colfax
  • Evans Block, 15th cor Lawrence
  • Evans Investment Co, Evan E Evans pres, 20 Evans Bl
  • Eureka Marble Works, office, 1942 Broadway Yards, 6th & Wynkoop
  • Excelsior Mills, 8th Lawrence
  • Exchange Building, Lyons & Johnson agts, 15th & Arap
  • Fairview Brick Co, office, 805 Continental Bl Yards, W 18th & Decatur
  • Falke D H, storage, transfer, warehouse, 1523 19th
  • Ferguson J A, real estate, 221 Railway Exch Bl
  • Ferris & Conaway, real estate, 412 17th, Jackson Bl
  • Fishburn Mfg Co, window screen mfrs, 2230 Blake
  • Fisher Francis J, masons materials, 1930 19th
  • Fleming Bros, lumber, hdwre, office, 101 Broadway Yards, W 1st av & tracks
  • Flower Building, J S Flower owner, 18th & Welton
  • Flower J S & Co, real estate, 611 18th, Flower Bl
  • Fontius Shoe Co, 16th & Champa
  • Franktown Creamery, main office, 1200 Curtis
  • Gallup John C & Bro, real est, 719 17th, op Calif B
  • Gano-Downs Co, mens clthg & frnshgs, 16th & Stout
  • Gaylord Paul B & Co, ins, 1756 Larimer, opp Barclay B
  • Gerber G, coal and feed, E 26th av & 28th st
  • German-American Trust Co, 1426 16th, Inter-Ocean Bl
  • Golden Eagle Dry Goods Co, 16th & Lawrence
  • Gove & Walsh, architects, 506 McPhee Bl
  • Graham Paper Co, whl paper, 1543 Blake
  • Grand Central Hotel, E L Roberts mgr, blk from Union Depot, 1619 17th
  • Grand Grocery & Market Co, 15th & Arapahoe
  • Graymont Hotel, 711 18th, cor California
  • Great Northern Hotel, L Straub, 1612 Larimer
  • Great Western Commission Co, 3rd fl Exch Blg
  • Griffin Wheel Co, office, 215 Ry Exch Bl Works, near Overland Mills
  • Griffith N H, real estate, 301 Boston Bl
  • Hallack & Howard Lumber Co, 7th & Larimer
  • Halls Dairy, Valverde
  • Hamilton & Gillispie, stone contractors, 1025 Osage
  • Hanks L M & Sons, whl commission, 1739 Market
  • Hardwood Lumber Co, W Colfax & Osage
  • Hayden Thos S, real estate, 303 Colorado Bl
  • Henderson, Smith & Hall, order buyers, Exch Bl U
  • Hendrie & Bolthoff Mfg & Sup Co, 1639 17th
  • Henning Shoe Co, 838 15th
  • Hering Geo, Stanley Steamers, 1516 Cleveland Pl
  • Hewitt Earl, real estate, 7 Evans Bl, 15th cor Lawrence
  • Hoeckel C F Blank Book Co, 17th & Lawrence
  • Hotel Kane, Mrs E F Kane prop, 1921 Champa
  • Hotel Midland, L Straub, 17th & Arapahoe
  • Hover J J, real estate, ins, 1500 15th
  • Hover W A & Co, whl drugs, 14th & Lawrence
  • Humburg C, whl and retail liquors, 1213 15th
  • Hungarian Milling & Elevator Co, 7th & Wazee
  • Humphreys Commission Co, 1522 Market
  • Ingham & Banks, real estate, 729 18th, Lewiston B
  • Inland Inn, Mary F Smith, 18th & Stout
  • International Trust Company, Equitable Bl, 17th & Stout
  • Inter-Ocean Hotel, G N Stein prop, 16th & Blake
  • Iterstate Trust & Savgs Bank, 15th & Stout
  • Jackson Building, 17th & Tremont Pl
  • Joslin Dry Goods Co, 16th & Curtis
  • Jacobson Bldg, entrance 1640 Araphoe
  • Kassler, E S, real estate, 814 Cooper Bl
  • Keith C W, implements and vehicles, 1426 Wazee
  • Kendrick Book & Stationery Co, 16th & Stout
  • Kent Mfg Co, mattress mfrs, 11th & Wynkoop
  • Kindel Geo J, bedding, mattresses, 6th & Wynkoop
  • Comp Air Renv Wks, office, salesroom, 1618 Champa
  • King-Raymond Co, real estate, 219 Coronado Bl
  • Kirchhof Frank Lumber Co, 1215 7th
  • Kistler W H Stationery Co, 1537 Lawrence
  • Kittredge Building, 16th & Glenarm Pl
  • Knight-Campbell Music Co, 1631 Calif
  • Knight-Locke Plano Co, 513 Kittredge B
  • Knollin Sheep Commission Co, 110 Exch Blg
  • Kuner Pickle Co, vinegar, Canners, 22nd & Blake
  • Lammers C A Bottling Co, 2300 8th
  • Lawrence-Hensley Fruit Co, 1626 Market
  • La Grace Apartments, 1642 Pearl, N H Griffith agt
  • Lee Wm Scott & Co, real estate, 733 18th, Lewiston B
  • Lemington The, Apmts, Maude MacFarland, 429 16th
  • Leonard-Melcher Commission Co, 1528 Market
  • Lewis Dairy Co, C W Lewis pres, 20156 Humboldt
  • Lewis A T & Son Dry Goods Co, 16th & Stout
  • Lewiston The, L S Hill, 18th & Stout
  • Lindell Hotel, 11th & Larimer
  • Littleton Creamery Co, 18th & Wynkoop
  • London Guarantee & Accident Co Ltd, Thes F Daly genl agent, 212 Opera House Bl
  • Londoner Wolfe, grocer, 1624 Arapahoe
  • Longmont Farmers Mill & Elevator Co, Pride of the Rockies flour, 2100 Kalamath
  • Look Bon I, whl and retail grocer, 16th & Blake
  • Lowell Jno W, pure-bred cattle, bsmt Exch Blg
  • Lyons & Johnson, real est brokers, 1020 15th, Excch Bl
  • Mack Block, L Mack owner, 16th & California
  • Macklems Bakery, 29th & Welton
  • Maclear Mfg Co, mining machinery, 341 Navajo
  • Majestic Building, 16th & Broadway
  • Majestic Theatre, vaudeville, Curtis nr 16th
  • Mark M H & Co, Iv stk order buyers, Exch Blg
  • Markham Hotel, Hughes & Nolan, 17th & Lawrence
  • Masonic Temple, 16th & Welton
  • Maul Sons Comp Air Carpet Clng Co, office 1616 Glenarm Pl, op Kittredge Bl
  • Plant, 765 Tejon
  • May Company, clothiers, 16th & Champa
  • Mayer L H & Bro, mens furnishers, 820 16th
  • Mayham H J Inv Co, real estate, 15 Brown Palace
  • McDonough Jno M Security Co, real estate, 1108 15th, op Grand Groc Co
  • McDowell Invest Co The, real estate, 2501 15th
  • McKee Live Stock Commission Co, bsmt Exch Blg U Stkyds
  • McMurtry Mfg Co, salesrooms, 1720 Arapahoe, op Club B
  • Factory, 1528 22nd
  • McPhee & McGinnity Lumber Co, offices, 1759 Wazee
  • Mercantile Building, 15th & Arapahoe
  • Merchants Biscuit Company, 9th & W Walnut
  • Merchants & Mercantile Fire Ins Co, Mercantile Bl, 15th & Arapahoe
  • Mercy Hospital, 1619 Milwaukee
  • Merritt E W & Co, real estate, 708 17th, Calif Bl
  • Metropole Hotel, Otto Kappler mgr, Bdway nr 18th
  • Middaugh Addition, W 7th & Tejon
  • Mine & Smelter Supply Co, 17th & Blake
  • Moffat Depot, Den N W & Pac Ry, 15th & Bassett
  • Moffat Road Ticket Office, 907 17th, Ry Exch Bl
  • Monarch Lumber Company, River Front Park
  • Monash Insurance Agency Co, 601 E & C Bl
  • Moore Hardware & Iron Co, 15th & Wazee
  • Warehouse, 1239 Wazee
  • Morey C S Mercantile Co, whl groc, 16th & Wtnkoop
  • Morse Bros Machinery & Suppy Co, 17th & Lawrence
  • Moses W E Land Scrip & Rlty Co, 718 17th, Calif Bl
  • Nash-Smith Tea & Coffee Co, Wedding Breakfast Coffee, 1608-14 Wazee
  • Neef Bros Brewing Co, offices, Coml Bl, 15th & Lar
  • Brewery, W 11th & Raritan
  • Nevin W C Candy Co, fine confecy, 1641 Blake
  • New Broadway Hotel, C Keller, 1513 Broadway
  • News-Times Pub Co, editorial rooms, 1720 Welton
  • Business offices, 17th & Lawrence
  • Nock & Garside, freight and passenger elevators, 1844-50 Wazee
  • Northern Coal & Coke Co, office, Iron Bl, 1031 17th
  • Retail office, 835 16th
  • Yards, 15th & Chestnut
  • Novelty Theater, vaudeville, 1632 Curtis
  • O Haver Realty Co, real estate, 623 Mack Bl
  • Onderdonk Engineering Co, (Babcock & Wilcox water tube steam boilers), 435 17th, Drexel Bl
  • Oregon Lumber Company, 1648 Platte
  • Overland Bowling Alleys, 1632 Arapahoe
  • Overland Park (Colorado Industrial Exposition Assn)
  • Oxford Hotel, Hamilton Brooks Co, blk from U Depot
  • Packard D C, insurance, 639 17th
  • Park Floral Co, salesroom, 1706 Broadway, op Brown
  • Greenhouses, 17th & York
  • Parks Business School, W T Parks, 1731 Arap
  • Parlin & Orendorff Plow Co, 15th & Wazee
  • Paulson J P, store fixtures, 15th & Wynkoop
  • Phillips, E G, business chances, 16 Jacobson Bl, 1640 Arapahoe
  • Plattner Implement Co, factory, 1825 S Bannock
  • Plaza Hotel, 15th & Tremont Pl
  • Pleasanton The, Apmts, 17th & Welton
  • Plummer Mere Co, whl commission, 1619 Market
  • Porter W W & M P Invest Co, 201 Quincy Bl
  • Post The Denver, Post Building, 1544 Champa
  • Post Harry R & Co, paper, woodenware, 1517 Market
  • Prey Bros & Cooper, Jv stk com, 113 Exch Blg
  • Prior Geo W Hat Co, whl hats, 1725-31 Lawrence
  • Proudfit-Ormsby Commission Company, 1546 Market
  • Public Baths, 20th & Curtis
  • Public Library, Colfax & Acoma
  • Queen City Dye Works, office, 631 15th
  • Plant, 814 W 14th av
  • Queen City Foundry Company, 4th & Wazee
  • Quincy Building, Jas Leonard agt, 17th & Curtis
  • Railroad Building, C A Finding owner, 1515 Larimer
  • Railway Exchange Building, 17th & Champa
  • Revere Hotel, Graves Bros props, 1421-27 Blake
  • Richmonds Dancing Academy, 1646 alif
  • Robinson W F Printing Co, 1514 Arapahoe
  • Rock Island Ticket Office, 17th & Stout, op Equitable B
  • Rocky Mt Fuel Co, office, 1010 16th, Tabor Op H Bl
  • Yards, foot of 19th
  • Ross F R, real estate, 715 17th, op California B
  • Rothenberg & Schloss Cigar Co, whl, 1406 Larimer
  • Royal Restaurant, 1641 Curtis
  • Rugby Coal Co, office, 501 15th
  • Yards, 4th & W Colfax
  • Russell W E, coal, coke, charcoal, 1523 Welton, Orpheum B
  • Yards, 4th & Larimer
  • Sachs-Lawlor Machine & Mfg Co, 1543 Larimer
  • Santa Fe Ticket Offie, Ry Exch Bl, 17th & Champa
  • Santa Fe Freight Depot, 15th & Bassett
  • Salzer B F Lumber Co, cor Virginia & Idaho
  • Sanger-Bonsall Agey Co, fire ins, 1012 15th, next Exchange Bl
  • Savoy Hotel, Alexander & Owen, 17th av & Broadway
  • Sayre-Newton Lumber Co, office and yds, 22nd & Wazee
  • Schaefer Geo P & Jos Brohm, liquor, 1545 Blake
  • Schaefer Tent & Awning Co, 1421 Larimer
  • Schirmer Ins & Inv Co, Inter-Ocean Bl, 1426 16th
  • Schloeman, Hollls & Platt Com Co, horses, mules
  • Scholtz Drug Co, Main Store, 16th & Curtis, op Tabor
  • Broadway Branch, 17th & Brdwy, op Brown
  • Welton Branch, 16th & Welton, op Masonic
  • Schradsky B, merchant tailor, 1601 Larimer
  • Schwarz M J, cigars, 16th & Glenarm Pl
  • Scott Supply & Tool Co, 1725 Blake
  • Sechrist The Albert Mfg Co, elec fixts, 1713 Logan
  • Salesrooms, 1033 16th, Jacobson Bl
  • Sheridan Heights (Lyons & Johnson owners, 1020 15th)
  • Shirley Annex, Broadway near 17th
  • Shirley Hotel, 17th av & Lincoln
  • S H Supply Co, 2nd hand machy, 2046 Larimer
  • Sigel-Campion Live Stock Com Co, 106 Exch Blg U
  • Silverton Northern R R Co, Otto Mears, pres, 37 Jacobson Bl
  • Silver State Leaf Tobacco Co, 1514 Blake
  • Smith-Brooks Printing Co, 1733-17 California
  • Smith Ralph W, surety bonds, 240 Coronado Bl
  • Solis Cigar Co, Dry Climate Cigars, 2015 Arapahoe
  • State Capitol The, Colfax & Broadway
  • Stephens-Wilmot Inv Co, 720 18th, Lewiston Bl
  • Stephens & anehett, real estate, 634 17th, Nev Bl
  • Stewart W H Agency Co, ins, 1541 Champa, op Post Bl
  • Stocker Allison, contractor, bldr, 213 Continental Bl
  • Struby-Estabrook Mere Co, whl groc, 17th & Wynkoop
  • Studebaker Bros Mfg Co, salesroom, 15th & Blake
  • Summit Fuel & Feed Co, reail dept, 1506 Arap Merc
  • Yards W 32nd & Navajo
  • Syman Bros Jewelry Co, 828 16th, Symes Bl
  • Tabor Grand Opera House Block, 16th & Curtis
  • Tabor-Pierce Lumber Co., W 1st av & Jason
  • Thams, John wagons, implements, 1444 Wazee
  • Thles Fritz Mere Co, whl liquor, cigars, 1554 Blake
  • Thompson John Grocery Co, 15th & Lawrence
  • Thompson-Olmstead Inv Co, real estate, Investments, 809 17th, Century Blk
  • Agents vacant property E 7th av & Race
  • Three Rules, genl mdse, H C Cones & Co, 2025 Larimer
  • Three Rules, genl mdse, J M Cones, 1101 Stout
  • Three Rules, genl mdse, 57 Broadway
  • Timpte Bros Wagon Company, 23rd & Market
  • Titus Bros Dry Goods Co, genl mdse, 1180 Kalamath
  • Tiyoll Hotel, 17th & Market
  • Tivoll-Union Brewing Company, 10th & Larimer
  • Traylor John A Machinery Co, office, 439 17th
  • Tritch George Hardware Co, Bank Bl
  • Turner Moving & Storage Co, The World Moves; So Does Turner, 1401 Arapahoe
  • Warehouse and stables, 1039 33rd
  • Underhill Mfg Co, overalls, shirts, 1310 18th
  • Union Dairy Co, office 23rd &Cleveland Pl
  • union Depot, foot 17th; all trains except Moffat
  • Union Iron Works Mfg Co, 47 S Kalamath
  • Union Pacific Ticket Office, 17th & Curtis
  • Freight Depot, 19th & Wynkoop
  • University of Denver, Henry A Buchtel D D, chancellor, University Park
  • Utopia Flats, 420 E Colfax J S Floer & Co, agts
  • Valentines 5c & 10c Store, 1526 Lawrence
  • Victor Hotel, 18th & Larimer
  • Vulcan Iron Works Company, 1726 Wazee
  • Wagner Henry & Son, lime, cement, 1840 15th
  • Walker Mfg Co, mining machinery, 2156 15th
  • Walker G M, business chances, 226 Cooper Bl
  • Warren Hotel, S O Warren, 17th & Larimer
  • Watkins L A Merchandise Co, salesroom, 1525 Wazee
  • Warehouse 7th & Wewatta
  • Wearne T H & Co, furniture, stoves, 1511 Platte
  • Weigele Riveted Steel Pipe Works, 3001 Larimer
  • Weiner L M Wine Co, 16th & Glenarm Pl
  • Western Cement & Lumber Co, 9th & W 23rd av
  • Western Chemical Mfg Co, Osage & W Bayaud
  • Western Elaterite Roofing Co, 831 Equitable Bl
  • Factory, W 13th av & D & R G tracks
  • Western Electric Co, wawrehouse, 1175 Osage Office, 1516 Curtis, next to St James B
  • Western Live Stock Com Co, 112 Exch Blg
  • Western newspaper Union, publishers, 1830 Curtis
  • Western Packing Co, plant City sales branch, 1939 15th
  • Westminster University, offices board of trustees, 715 Ernest & Cranmer Building
  • West Vernon Hotel, 1209 E Colfax
  • Wheeler Block, 2434 W 29th, Lyons & Johnson agts
  • Whipple F B & Co, real estate, 101 Boston Bl
  • Wilkins & Cornish, real estate, 537 17th
  • Williams James, insurance, 1645 Tremont Pl
  • Williamson-Haffner Engraving Co, 1633 Arap
  • Windsor Hotel, 18th & Larimer
  • Wolfe Hall, Clarkson & E 14th av
  • Wolfe, Webb & Chittenden, real estsate, 206 E & C Bl
  • Wolff L Mfg Co, plumbing supplies, 1533 Blake
  • Womans Club Building, 1437 Glenarm Pl
  • Wood Henry E, assayer, 1734 Arapahoe
  • Ore Testing Works, W 5th & S 9th
  • Woodmen of the World Building, 1441 Tremont Pl
  • Young Mens Christian Association Bl, 16th & Lincoln
  • Young Womens Christian Assn Bl, 18th & Sherman
  • Young Womans Friendly Club 2243 California
  • Zang, The Ph Brewery Co, offices, 1424 16th
  • Brewery, 7th & Water

This is a high quality, digitally restored print of Denver, CO from the year 1907.

This historic print includes numerous well known Denver landmarks, and it’s super accurate for 1907.

Our company has restored this vintage Denver map by enhancing color as well as editing out discoloration, rips and fold lines. Some imperfections such as stamps and other markings with historical value have been left untouched, but can be cleaned up easily if you wish at no extra cost.

This beautiful vintage map of Denver, CO is available in various dimensions and is printed with advanced ink formulas on museum-quality, matte finish paper.

These pieces look amazing either framed or unframed.

Questions about this Denver, Colorado 1907 map?

  • Click the “message us” button to ask us about removing imperfections, further recoloring or including custom margins to fit a specific size of frame. This is something we do at no additional cost.
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    • Canvas Prints
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    Framed Prints

    We have 15 different high-quality, handmade frames available! All frames are hand crafted from solid wood and include a glass front cover. All frames are manufactured in the United States and are packaged carefully and shipped safely to ensure your framed print arrives safely.

    For our prints we use acid-free, museum-quality paper along with archival inks that will ensure your print lasts a lifetime (and longer!). 

    Browse the different frame types and color options below. Click the images to zoom in deeper on the details. 

    Standard Style

    Our standard frames are 1.25″ wide x 0.625″ deep. Available colors are Black, White and Natural. Click below to view all available options.

    Beveled Style

    Our beveled frames are 1.25″ wide x 0.625″ deep. Available colors are Black, Natural, Walnut & Espresso. Click below to view all available options.

    Wide Style

    Our wide frames are 1.75″ wide x 0.875″ deep. Available colors are Black, Natural, Walnut & Espresso. Click below to view all available options.

    Thin Style

    Our thin frames are 0.625″ wide x 1.25″ deep. Available colors are Black, White, Natural & Espresso. Click below to view all available options.

    Unframed Prints

    Unframed Vintage Map PrintsOur unframed vintage maps are perfect if you are looking to frame the map yourself, or take it to a local frame shop (though be sure to check out our 15 framed print options!). We use state of the art, high resolution printers with high quality ink that will last a lifetime.

    All unframed prints are shipped rolled up in a heavy duty cardboard tube.

    Our paper is museum quality and is a heavy stock at 10.3 mil thickness. Giclee printing quality with a 94% opacity and 104% ISO brightness. You won’t find a higher quality vintage map reproduction anywhere.

    Canvas Prints

    Wrapped & Mounted Canvas OptionOur 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas prints feature your selected vintage map printed directly onto top quality polycotton canvas using archival inks and stretched over 1.5" solid pine stretcher barss.

    Wall Murals

    Wall Mural OptionPremium wall murals custom printed on easy to install vinyl material. Manufactured and printed in the USA, our murals are easily removable and repositionable - simply peel away the backing paper and apply to your wall.  We offer 2 different types - one for smooth, painted finishes - and one for smooth & lightly textured surfaces.

    If the smallest side of your mural is larger than 52 inches, your order may come in multiple panels.

    Additionally, we can zoom in on a specific portion of the map and print only the area in which you are most interested. If you would prefer to have a zoomed in portion of the map printed instead of the full map you will be given the option to let us know when you are adding your mural to the cart before checkout.

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    1 review for Vintage Map of Denver, Colorado 1907

    1. Tracy B.

      Great. Easy ordering process. Map arrived quickly and well packed. The map is beautiful. Just what I expected.

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    Ted's Vintage Art


    Ted's Vintage Art



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    Matthew K.
    Matthew K.
    Oxford, CT
    Read More
    We absolutely love the map's we ordered from Ted's Vintage Art! We ordered 3 different states (framed and all!) and have them hanging in our office. Everyone asks where we got them!
    Julia H.
    Julia H.
    Alpharetta, GA
    Read More
    I have purchased two maps from Ted’s Vintage Art. They are thoughtful gifts to friends and family of places they hold dear. Very unique and high quality!
    William C.
    William C.
    Winston-Salem, NC
    Read More
    I love my vintage map of my local area. It hangs in my home office right next to a world map. A great piece of art showing a great piece of history. Excellent quality and service!
    Christopher W.
    Christopher W.
    Buffalo, NY
    Read More
    I love my map from Ted's Vintage Art! Seeing an old map of my home town has given me a unique peek into the past! I love the attention to detail and the clear resolution of the print!
    Clea H.
    Clea H.
    Syracuse, NY
    Read More
    Our map is a great conversation piece. Guests like to pick out their neighborhood or look at historic landmarks. The amount of detail is incredible!
    Maryanne P.
    Maryanne P.
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Read More
    My husband loves the map of his hometown that I gave him for christmas. Its a really cool gift that adds character to our living room.
    Michael V.
    Michael V.
    Greeley, CO
    Read More
    I bought my dad the vintage map of Greeley, Colorado, and he absolutely loves it! He has been a civil engineer in the city of Greeley for 35 years, and he loves seeing the old streets and buildings in the city that he lives.
    Chelsea S.
    Chelsea S.
    Martinsville, IN
    Read More
    This map was a gift for my dad who is a farmer, and has family that has resided in our county for multiple generations. He has enjoyed taking the time to find our family’s land parcels, and those of his fellow farmers. He has now developed an interest in collecting other vintage maps.
    Anna C.
    Anna C.
    Elk Point, SD
    Read More
    I got this map for my brother as a Christmas gift and he loves it! He’s a big fan of vintage maps and prints and this fits his collection perfectly. The image is crystal clear.
    Hallie R.
    Hallie R.
    Read More
    I love the quality of the print and the richness of the colors and it looks so cool hanging on our wall in a minimalistic frame. Would absolutely recommend this Ted’s Vintage Art to a friend. Thank you!
    Corinne S.
    Corinne S.
    Houston, TX
    Read More
    I had this map of Alaska framed as a Christmas gift to my husband, who is from Juneau, to hang in his office. He absolutely loved it!
    Michelle L.
    Michelle L.
    Bethlehem, PA
    Read More
    My father’s family settled in Northampton County in 1751 and we love the gorgeous documentation on this map. Thank you for making available such a beautiful piece of our local history.

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