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Vintage Map of Beloit, Wisconsin 1890

Vintage Map of Beloit, Wisconsin 1890

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Digitally restored and printed on museum-quality paper with archival ink in ultra high detail. Available framed, unframed or on 1.5 inch wrapped canvas. Made by hand in the USA.

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Beloit, Wisconsin Vintage Map

Historic Beloit Landmarks On This Map

  • New City Hall
  • Engine House
  • Postoffice
  • High School
  • No 1 School
  • No 2 School
  • Bridge St School
  • Beloit College Main Building
  • Beliot College Academy Scoville Hall
  • Beloit College Oservatory
  • Beloit College Memorial Hall
  • Beloit College North College
  • Beloit College Chapel
  • Beloit College Gymnasium
  • Beloit College Chemical Laboratory
  • First Congregational
  • Second Congregational
  • Presbyterian
  • First M E
  • First Baptist
  • Episcopal
  • Catholic
  • German Presbyterian
  • German Lutheran
  • Norwegian Lutheran
  • African Methodist
  • Christian Scientist
  • Y M C A Rooms
  • Public Park
  • Cemetery
  • Broder Vault
  • Opera House
  • Goodwin Hotel, H M Hays, Prop
  • Grand Hotel A B & J M Carpenter, Props
  • Knights of P Hall
  • G A R Hall
  • Temple of Honor
  • Odd Fellows
  • Masonic Temple
  • Armory Hall
  • Eclipse Wind Engine Works
  • Williams Engine Works
  • John Foster & Co., Shoe Factory
  • Beloit Iron Works Paper-making Machinery
  • J Thompson & Sons, Ltd., Plow Works
  • Berlin Machine Works Invincible Sauders
  • Beloit Straw Board Co., Paper Makers
  • H R Rosenblatt & Sons, Overalls Mfg
  • Rock River Paper Mills, W T Randall, Agt
  • C Hansen & Sons, Norway Plows
  • P H Crahen, Cigars and Tobacco
  • Houston Milling Co., Flour
  • Arthur Roller Mills, Flour and Feed
  • Wm Blodgett, Rye Flour Mfr
  • J Bisshopp, Flour and Feed
  • N B Gaston & Sons, Scale Mfg
  • R J Dowd, Paper Knife Mfr
  • City Water Works
  • Beloit Gas Works
  • Paper Pail Works
  • Cunningham Bros., Sash and Door Factory
  • H J Leonard, Gloves and Mitten Factory
  • J Arthur, 407 Union
  • Buckley, 228 State
  • J Burdge, 359 Bridge
  • B Dow, 348 Bridge
  • D Kellogg, 355 Bridge
  • M Malone, 361 Bridge
  • H Mills, Eclipse Office
  • H Orton, 314 Bridge
  • J Todd, 348 Bridge
  • G Wickhem, 352 Bridge
  • W Bates, 322 Bridge
  • Beloit City Band
  • Beloit College Band
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • J B Dow, 212 State
  • E Kinsley, 416 State
  • Ball & Goss, 208-210 State
  • Lidster & Barr, 103 Bridge
  • C W Munger, 200 Pleasant
  • O J Johnson, 635 Race
  • Novelty Carriage Works, 420 State
  • Golden Eagle Clothing House 305-307 State and 407 Broad A. Loewi & Co., Props
  • Great Western Clothing House, 220 Bridge
  • Hiler & Fuller, 348 Bridge
  • Loomis the Clothier, 356 Bridge
  • J E Sargent, 311 Bridge
  • U S Clothing Co., 358 Bridge
  • A F Bois, 407 State
  • L Fischer, 311 Bridge
  • Isaac Green, 328 State
  • R E Heiney, 220 Bridge
  • D J Shea, 413 School
  • H B hambers, 422 W Bridge
  • P H Crahen, 801-805 Third
  • S Elorey, 826 Fifth
  • W H Keys, 313 State
  • Chas Oliver, 223 State
  • Thos Purves, 321 Bridge
  • Cunningham Bros., 656 Third
  • J S Kenney, 425 School
  • J J Pierron, 505 Prospect
  • Quinn & Kilgore, 660 Third
  • W E Stevens, 412 State
  • Wm Fitzgerald, Sr., (Mason), 726 Central
  • J J Voorhees, 431 State
  • C H Besley, & Co., 665 Race
  • L B Sanford, East Side, 426 School
  • C L Vale, West Side, 322 Bridge
  • Day & Andrews, 318 State
  • McGuire Bros., 114 W Bridge
  • L C Hyde & Brittan, 401 School
  • Second National Bank, 352 Bridge
  • Beloit Savings Bank, 346 Bridge
  • E Abraham, 215 State
  • Appleby & Hawkins, 219 Bridge
  • H. Bowling, 222 State
  • C W Cannon, 407 School
  • E J Flucker, 352 Bridge
  • Millen & Shue, 310 Bridge
  • E H Wells, 412 School
  • Frank Howe ,323 Bridge
  • E J Flucker, 352 Bridge
  • Y M C A Bath Rooms, 349 Bridge
  • Mrs A Bittel, 352 Pleasant
  • J H Cormany, Rear of Fire Station
  • A Klingberg, 428 State
  • W Magilton, 413 Broad
  • J B Foster, 357 Bridge
  • Hamlin & Race, 323 Bridge
  • C A Still, 354 Bridge
  • Shumaker & Middlebrook, 612 Pleasant
  • John A Foster, 306 State
  • H S Clifford, 220 State
  • I Gardner, 419 Broad
  • J F Chamberlain, 961 Praire Road
  • Champion Dairy, 1214 Chapin
  • John Hansel, 863 Third
  • S House, 748 Parker Ave
  • R H Brown, 834 Mechanic G F Beedle, 842 Bluff
  • G F Beedle, 842 Bluff
  • S L Evans, 422 School (rear)
  • J Haybinch, 220 State
  • J Martin, 360 Wadsworth
  • R Martin, 1042 Church
  • Robinson Bros. Bus Line, 544 Broad
  • Geo H Cram, 330 State
  • E J Fluekiger, 108 Bridge
  • Dennis Garrigan, Sr., 305 Bridge
  • John Nichols, 318 Bridge
  • L Raubenheimer, 315 State
  • C M & St P Ry Passenger Depot
  • C M & St P Ry Freight Depot
  • C M & St P Ry Elevator
  • C & N W Ry Passenger Depot
  • C & N W Ry Freight Depot
  • C & N W Ry Elevator
  • Citizen Pub Co (Daily and Weekly Citizen), 317 319 State
  • Cham Ingersoll, (Daily and Weekly Free Press), 346 Bridge
  • L B Guemnsey, 408 State
  • Shumaker & McCabe, Directory, Publishers
  • A W Bullock, 118 Bridge
  • Cowles & Meacham, 200 Bridge
  • Farmers Exchange, McGavoch, 304 Bridge
  • E D FLuekiger, 112 Bridge
  • C C Greene, 328 State
  • John Martin, 216 State
  • Pentland & Harmon, 325 State
  • G E Sanger, 422-424 School
  • G E Smith, 206 Bridge
  • Stiles & Rogers, 306 State
  • F E Westgate, 360 Bridge
  • J P Halls, 421 School
  • John Hauser, 138 State
  • Jas Kline, 803 Fifth
  • Rev D W Edwards, 125 C
  • L L Backus, 551 School
  • R H Brown (Wholesale), 834 Mechanic
  • Gammon & Reynolds, 310 Bridge
  • J T Greenwood & Son, 414 Broad
  • Johnson, Smith & Co., 412 State
  • Northrop & Estes, 427 State
  • H V Grovesteen & Son, 144 State
  • C O Warner, 221 Bridge
  • C L Burpee, 324 State
  • F E Colehour, 302 W Bridge
  • F C Everett, 353 Bridge
  • Samuel Bell, 359 Bridge
  • L F Bennet, 356 Bridge
  • Isaac Buckeridge, 346 Bridge
  • L R Farr, 361 Bridge
  • A C Helm, 350 Bridge
  • Ernest C Helm, 350 Bridge
  • H B Johnson, 350 Bridge
  • W A Mellen, 352 Bridge
  • C W Merriman, 332 State
  • F T Nye, 356 Bridge
  • M A Reed, 351 Bridge
  • M G Spawn ,346 Bridge
  • A Thompson, 346 Bridge
  • L B Bradley & Son (Dentists), 328 State
  • E N Clark, (Dentist), 300 State
  • J A W Meyers (Dentist), 352 Bridge
  • Mr & Mrs R H Stetson, 538 Broad & 360 Bridge
  • City Steam Laundry (Mrs E Norem), 424 Broad
  • Eureka Steam Laundry (E B Barlow & Co), 434 School
  • D P Miller, 312 Mill
  • Al Snyder, 416 School
  • Snyder Bros., 211 Bridge
  • Stone Bros., 403-405 Public Avenue
  • Minnesota Lumber Co., 660 -670 Third
  • Peet & Keeler, 108 State
  • N A Carpenter, 101 Bridge
  • G L Garlick, 323 State
  • Webb Bros., 209 W Bridge
  • Allen & McAvoy, 701 705 State
  • Wm Blazer, 418 School
  • E R Buckeridge, 204 Bridge
  • John Burger, 202 State
  • J Ritsher, 353 Bridge
  • E W Burger, 412 Broad
  • Rouse & Trostle, 116 Bridge
  • J A Martin, 120 Bridge
  • A L Bukeridge & Co., 423 School
  • Mrs C E Carr, 432 School
  • Daniels Siters, 420 School
  • Miss M A Esplin, (Milliner), 409 School
  • Fera Sisters (Millinery), 314 State
  • Haynes Sisters, 224 State
  • L W Lyman (Millinery and Notions), 428 School
  • Ziegler Sisters (Milliners), 415 School
  • Miss L Engleson, 502 W E
  • K H Krause, 322 Bridge
  • Mrs Helen Lee, 730 Parker Ave
  • C C Wheaton, Miss, 1005 Chapin
  • C E Gordon, 431 School
  • C A Emerson, 361 Bridge
  • F S Foster, 355 Bridge
  • D H Pollock & Co., 308 Bridge
  • C A Smith & Co., 324 State
  • E R Smith, 350 Bridge
  • J W & W H Abbott, 308 State
  • W H Baumes, 319 Bridge
  • Bort, Bailey & Co., 322 State
  • J ORiordan & Bro., 347-351 Bridge
  • E Lipman, 302 Bridge
  • Geo H Clarke, 311 State
  • Beloit Electric Light and Power Co., 622 Cross
  • Adams Express Co., Chas. Corcoran, Agt
  • American Express Co., G H Anderson, Agt
  • Enterprise Furniture Store (C F Rau), 326 State
  • J E Houston, 300 State
  • West Side Furniture Store (C W Rau), 313 Bridge
  • Beloit Gas Light and Coke Co., 201 S Bridge
  • John Cohn, 216 Bridge
  • E W Holloway, 218 State
  • Z Martin, 411 Broad
  • O P Smith & Co., (Elevator) 411 Broad
  • T B Bailey, (Elevator) 402 St Paul Ave
  • C Miller & Co., 411 Broad
  • H S Clifford, (Seeds) 220 State
  • C L Gregory, 417 School
  • Holcomb Bros Co., 142 State
  • W H Calvert, 316 Bridge
  • Frederick & Beach, 317-319 State
  • J B Gordon, 320-322 State
  • W H Key, 313 State
  • Jas Perkins, 208 Bridge
  • Watson & Andre, 128 Bridge
  • Winslow & Rosenberg, 327 State
  • Stevens & Hendricks, 310 State
  • M J Powers, 312 Bridge
  • Jno F Chamberlain
  • Janvrin Bros., 924 Fourth
  • J B Dow, 348 Bridge
  • P Johnson, 359 Bridge
  • Chas Kendall, 305 Bridge
  • J C McIntosh, 355 Bridge
  • R J Burdge, 359 Bridge
  • A P Waterman, 417 School
  • Geo L Wilkinson, 1235 Chapin
  • Beloit Co-operative Building and Loan Assn., 348 Bridge
  • E Dahlberg, 314 Bridge
  • J B Foster, 357 Bridge
  • Hamlin & Race, 323 Bridge
  • A L Howard, 316 State
  • H E McCoy, 202 Bridge
  • J A Perry, 624 Third
  • Knapps Bazaar, 315 Bridge
  • J E Sargent, 311 Bridge
  • Gordon & McKenney, 431 School

This is a super-high quality, digitally restored print of Beloit, WI from the year 1890.

This historic print includes several well known Beloit landmarks, and it’s incredibly accurate for 1890.

Ted’s Vintage Maps has restored this historic Beloit map by enhancing the colors as well as fixing discoloration, tears and creases. Certain marks such as stamps and other markings with historical value have been left in their original condition, but can be easily removed if you wish at no additional cost.

This high-quality historic map of Beloit, WI is for sale in various sizes and is printed with advanced ink formulas on museum-quality, highly durable paper.

These pieces look incredible in a frame, or hung as a poster.

Questions about this Beloit, Wisconsin 1890 map?

  • Click the “message us” button to ask us about removing imperfections, further recoloring or creating specific margins to fit a specific size of frame. We can do most of this for free.
  • Click the “message us” button to see if we have other maps of Beloit available that are not yet listed on the website. (We have thousands of maps not yet on the site – just let us know your city, we probably have more available.)
  • For any other questions, please check out our FAQ.
    • Are you looking for a similar map of a different location? We have thousands of maps available that are not yet listed on the site. Contact us and let us know what we can help you find!
    • Interested in getting this print blown up and printed as a wall mural? Contact us and send us a note.
    • For any other questions, please check our FAQ.
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    Framed Prints

    We have 15 different high-quality, handmade frames available! All frames are hand crafted from solid wood and include a glass front cover. All frames are manufactured in the United States and are packaged carefully and shipped safely to ensure your framed print arrives safely.

    For our prints we use acid-free, museum-quality paper along with archival inks that will ensure your print lasts a lifetime (and longer!). 

    Browse the different frame types and color options below. Click the images to zoom in deeper on the details. 

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    Unframed Vintage Map PrintsOur unframed vintage maps are perfect if you are looking to frame the map yourself, or take it to a local frame shop (though be sure to check out our 15 framed print options!). We use state of the art, high resolution printers with high quality ink that will last a lifetime.

    All unframed prints are shipped rolled up in a heavy duty cardboard tube.

    Our paper is museum quality and is a heavy stock at 10.3 mil thickness. Giclee printing quality with a 94% opacity and 104% ISO brightness. You won’t find a higher quality vintage map reproduction anywhere.

    Canvas Prints

    Wrapped & Mounted Canvas OptionOur 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas prints feature your selected vintage map printed directly onto top quality polycotton canvas using archival inks and stretched over 1.5" solid pine stretcher bars.

    We can either print the full map and leave the edges a solid color, or we can zoom in on a custom area of the map, allowing the map design to wrap around the edges of the canvas. You'll have the opportunity to let us know your preference when you add a canvas print to your cart.

    Wall Murals

    Wall Mural OptionPremium wall murals custom printed on easy to install vinyl material. Manufactured and printed in the USA, our murals are easily removable and repositionable - simply peel away the backing paper and apply to your wall.  We offer 2 different types - one for smooth, painted finishes - and one for smooth & lightly textured surfaces.

    If the smallest side of your mural is larger than 52 inches, your order may come in multiple panels.

    Additionally, we can zoom in on a specific portion of the map and print only the area in which you are most interested. If you would prefer to have a zoomed in portion of the map printed instead of the full map you will be given the option to let us know when you are adding your mural to the cart before checkout.

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    1. Michael S.

      Incredible quality, awesome customer service!

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    Matthew K.
    Matthew K.
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    We absolutely love the map's we ordered from Ted's Vintage Art! We ordered 3 different states (framed and all!) and have them hanging in our office. Everyone asks where we got them!
    Julia H.
    Julia H.
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    I have purchased two maps from Ted’s Vintage Art. They are thoughtful gifts to friends and family of places they hold dear. Very unique and high quality!
    William C.
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    I love my vintage map of my local area. It hangs in my home office right next to a world map. A great piece of art showing a great piece of history. Excellent quality and service!
    Christopher W.
    Christopher W.
    Buffalo, NY
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    I love my map from Ted's Vintage Art! Seeing an old map of my home town has given me a unique peek into the past! I love the attention to detail and the clear resolution of the print!
    Clea H.
    Clea H.
    Syracuse, NY
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    Our map is a great conversation piece. Guests like to pick out their neighborhood or look at historic landmarks. The amount of detail is incredible!
    Maryanne P.
    Maryanne P.
    Pittsburgh, PA
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    My husband loves the map of his hometown that I gave him for christmas. Its a really cool gift that adds character to our living room.
    Michael V.
    Michael V.
    Greeley, CO
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    I bought my dad the vintage map of Greeley, Colorado, and he absolutely loves it! He has been a civil engineer in the city of Greeley for 35 years, and he loves seeing the old streets and buildings in the city that he lives.
    Chelsea S.
    Chelsea S.
    Martinsville, IN
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    This map was a gift for my dad who is a farmer, and has family that has resided in our county for multiple generations. He has enjoyed taking the time to find our family’s land parcels, and those of his fellow farmers. He has now developed an interest in collecting other vintage maps.
    Anna C.
    Anna C.
    Elk Point, SD
    Read More
    I got this map for my brother as a Christmas gift and he loves it! He’s a big fan of vintage maps and prints and this fits his collection perfectly. The image is crystal clear.
    Hallie R.
    Hallie R.
    Read More
    I love the quality of the print and the richness of the colors and it looks so cool hanging on our wall in a minimalistic frame. Would absolutely recommend this Ted’s Vintage Art to a friend. Thank you!
    Corinne S.
    Corinne S.
    Houston, TX
    Read More
    I had this map of Alaska framed as a Christmas gift to my husband, who is from Juneau, to hang in his office. He absolutely loved it!
    Michelle L.
    Michelle L.
    Bethlehem, PA
    Read More
    My father’s family settled in Northampton County in 1751 and we love the gorgeous documentation on this map. Thank you for making available such a beautiful piece of our local history.

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