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Vintage Map Gift For Real Estate Closing

The Best Real Estate Closing Gift: A Vintage Map of Your City

As a real estate agent, it can be difficult coming up with new, fresh ideas for gifts to give to real estate clients at closing. There are all kinds of routes you may choose to go when selecting a gift for a real estate closing – but if you want to make a great impression with something that is beautiful, classically elegant, and inexpensive – you can’t go wrong with a digitally reproduced vintage map by Ted’s Vintage Art.

For anywhere from $44 to $199 (depending on how large you want it, and if you want it framed or not) – you can give your real estate clients an amazing gift that they will treasure in their home forever.

Here at Ted’s we have over 3,000 maps available, just do a quick search for a relevant city, county or state and you’ll be sure to find a great map your clients will love.

It may be tempting, as a real estate agent and well-networked professional in your community, to provide gifts to your clients that are branded with your real estate company’s logo, etc.

While there might be a slight benefit to you in this gift-giving transaction, it’s a terrible gift to receive after spending a few hundred thousand dollars on a new home.  Instead, choose a vintage map of a city, county or state that has a personal connection to your client.

A map is an elegant gift that can be displayed in your client’s new home, and they will be very thankful for the genuine thoughtfulness you put into selecting their gift.

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