Vintage Map of New York, New York 1821
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Vintage Map of New York, New York 1821

Vintage Map of New York, New York 1821

Digitally restored and printed on museum-quality paper with archival ink in ultra high detail. Available framed, unframed or on 1.5 inch wrapped canvas. Made by hand in the USA.

    🔍 Note: If you need to be able to read all the details on this map, we recommend selecting a larger size. The larger the print, the easier it is to read.

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New York, New York Vintage Map

Historic New York Landmarks On This Map

  • Capitol, Albany
  • Greenbush, (Intersection Boston Turnpike roads)
  • Edmund C Genet, Eq
  • Greenes Tavern
  • Castleton, Proseuss Tav
  • Schodac Landing, (Kettles Tavern
  • Kinderhook Landing, (Butlers Coffee H)
  • Claverack Creek
  • East end of Warrant-st. in the City of Hudson (Thence to the Court House is 49 c., and to flag on Hudsons River is Ym. 12 c.) Leave Branch Turnpike
  • Road to the East
  • Halenbecks Tavern
  • The Blue Stores Tav
  • Clermond Hotel
  • Upper Redhook Church
  • Lower Redhook Church
  • Rhynbeck, Jaques Hotel
  • Thomas Tillotson, Esq
  • Morgan Lewis, Esq. late Governor of N. York
  • Russells Tavern
  • Nath Pendleton, Esq
  • Dr. Samuel Bard
  • Hyde Park Hotel
  • Dr. Benjamin Allen
  • Poughkeepsie Court H. (Thence to the River is 49 c)
  • Wappingers Creek
  • Stone mkd 70 M. f. N. Y
  • Fishkill Hotel
  • Fishkill Dutch Church
  • Stone mkd 65 M. f. N. Y
  • Weeks Tavern
  • John Warrens Tavern
  • 2m. 48c. E. of Fort Putnam
  • S. Nelsons Tavern
  • Peekskill, Divens Tav
  • Dutch Church
  • S. Dyekmans Tavern
  • Mr. John Lent
  • (Thence to Collebergh Tav is 68 c., and to Gen. Van Courtlandts, 1m. 73c)
  • Church
  • Croton River Bridge
  • Leacocks Ravern
  • Singsing, Presh Ch
  • Mount Pleasant Acad
  • Sparta, Marble Quarry
  • Dutch Church
  • Anres Creek
  • Tarry town Hotel
  • Odells Tavern
  • William Edgar, Esq
  • W N Dyekmans Tav
  • Phillipsburgh, Church
  • Aug. Van Courtlandt, Esq
  • Kingsbridge
  • Fort Prince Charles
  • Marble Quarry, 1m. long
  • Jacobus Dyekman, Esq
  • Fort Tyron
  • Fort George
  • Fort Washington
  • Mount Washington Mineral Spring
  • 155th street
  • 125th street, 8th avenue
  • MGowans Pass, at Forts Clinton and Fish
  • Observatory Place
  • 71st st or Harsens road
  • Elgin Botanic Garden
  • 42d or Steuben street
  • United States Magazen
  • Sailors Saug Harbour
  • City-Hall, New-York
  • Greenbush
  • Wilsons (M Kown) Tav
  • Millers Tav (leave T. P. road to Boston on the East
  • Smiths Tavern
  • VAN Volkenberghs Tav
  • Tavern
  • Stone mkd 137 m. f N. Y
  • Kinderhook (Deos Tav)
  • Claverack Creek
  • Branch T. P. Road,
  • Stone mkd 119m f. N. Y
  • Johnstown Tavern
  • The Blue Stores Tav
  • 1st Pres. Ch S. side Washington square
  • 2nd Pres. Ch W. Third, and N. Mulberry
  • 3rd Pres. Ch S. Pine, b. 4th and 5th
  • 4th Pres. Ch E. 5th and N Gaskill
  • 5th Pres. Ch N Spruce, b. 5th and 6th
  • 6th Pres. Ch S. Locust, b. 8th and 9th
  • 7th Pres. Ch W. 4th, b High and Chesnut
  • Pres. Ch. (N Liberties N Coats, and W 2d
  • Pres. Ch. (Keasington) N Palmer, b Queen and Prince
  • Pres. Ch (Spring Garden) E 8th, b. Cal lowhill and Buttonwood
  • Associate Ref Ch. S. Spruce, b. 3d and 4th
  • Reformed do E 11th, b High and Chesnut
  • Dutch Ref. W. Crown, b. Sassafras &Vine
  • Burghers Ch. W 13TH, b High and Filbert
  • Antiburghers Ch. N Walnut, b 4th and 5th
  • Pres Ch. (African) E 7th st b
  • Christ Ch. W 24, b. High and Mulberry
  • New Christ Ch. or St. Johns, (N. Liberties) W. St Johns, and S. Coats streets
  • St Jamess Ch E. 7th, b. High & Mulberry
  • St. Pauls Ch. E. 3D, B. Walnut and Spruce
  • St. Peters Ch. S, Pine, b. 3d and 4th
  • St. Thomass Ch. (African)W 5th, b. Walnut and Prune
  • St. Georges, E 4th, b. Sassagras and Vine
  • Union Ch. (S part of old College) W. 4th, b. High and Mulberry
  • Nazareth Ch. W 13th, b. Sassafras & Vine
  • St Johns Ch. (N. Liberties) W. Pitt, b. Beaver and George
  • Kensington Ch. S Queen, & E Marlborough
  • Ebenezer Ch. (Southwark) E. 2d, b Catharine and Queen
  • Salem Ch in 13th, b. Lombard and Cedar
  • Zoar (African) Church, (N. Liberties) N. Browne, b 4th and old York road
  • Bethel Ch E. 6th, b Pine and Lombard
  • Wesley Ch. N. Lombard, b. 5th and 6th
  • 1st Baptist M. House, W 2d, b. High and Mulberry
  • 2d Baptist (N. Liberties) W Budd, b. Laurel-st and Poplar-lane
  • 3d Baptist (Southwark) E 2d, b. Germand and Catharine
  • 4th Baptist S Sansom, b. 8th and 9th
  • 5th Baptist (N. Liberties) W New Market-street, b. Duke & Noble
  • 1st African do. W. 13th, b. Sassafras & Vine
  • 2d Baptist E. 10th, b. Sassafras & Vine
  • Friends M. H. W. 12th, b High &Chesnut
  • Friends M. H. S Mulberry, b. 2d and 4th
  • Friends M. H. S. Pine, b Front and 2d
  • Friends M. H. W. Front, b. Sassafras & Vine
  • Friends M. H. (N. Lib) E. 4th, & S. Green
  • Free Friends, W. 5th, and S. Mulberry
  • St. Joseph;s Ch. E 4th, b. Walnut & Spruce
  • Holy Trinity Ch. W 6th, and N Spruce
  • St. Augustines, W. 4th, b. Sassafras & Vine
  • St. Marys, W. 4th, b. Spruce and Walnut
  • Zion Ch. E. 4th, b. Mulberry and Cherry
  • St. Johns Ch W 5th, b. Sassafras and Vine
  • St. Michaels, E. 5th, b. Mulberry & Cherry
  • German Lutheran Ch (N. Liberties, W. St. Johns, b. Green and Tammany
  • German Calvinist, S. Sassafras b. 3d & 4th
  • Swedish Lutheran (Southwark) W. Swanson, b Christian and Prime
  • Covenanters, (Scotch) N. St. Marys lane, b. 6th and 7th, and b Cedar and Lombard
  • Moravian, (Epis) S. Sassafras, b. 2d and 3d
  • Jews Synagogue, (N Liberties) S Margaretta, b. 2d and new Market
  • Jews Synagogue, N Cherry, b. 3d and 4th
  • universalist Ch S. Lombard, b. 4th and 5th
  • Swedenborgians, (or New Jerusalem Ch/) S. Sanson and E. 12th
  • Unitarians, E. 10th, and N. Locust
  • Mount Zion Congregational, (Southwark) E. 6th, and S. Christian
  • Philadelphia Museum (R. Peale, manager.)
  • Gallery of American Portraits, by Delaplaine
  • Hall of the Mayors Court
  • Clerks Office of the Supreme Court of Pa
  • Clerk of the City and County Dristrict Court
  • Clerk of the Mayors Court
  • Office of the Register of Wills
  • Office of Recorder of Deeds for the County
  • Guardians of the Poor
  • United States Marshals Office
  • Clerk of the U. S. Circuit & District Courts
  • Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas
  • Clerk of the Court of Oyer and Terminer
  • Clerk of the Court of Quarter Sessions
  • Clerk of the Orphans Court
  • Philadelphia County Commissioners Office
  • Philadelphia County Treasurer and Auditor
  • Philadelphia County Sheriffs Office
  • City-Hall, N. E. angle of State-House Yard
  • Common Council Chamber,
  • Select Council Chamber
  • Mayors Offices (public and private)
  • City Commissioners Office
  • City Clerks Office
  • Court-House, N. W angle of State-House Yd
  • Hall of the District and Circuit Courts
  • Hall of the Supreme Court
  • Courts of Oyer and Terminer
  • Orphans Court Registers Court
  • Court of Common Pleas
  • Court of Quarter Sessions
  • District Court of the City and County
  • Court of the Registry of Wills
  • Jury Rooms Law Library
  • Commissioners Hall, E 2d, b. Christian and Queen
  • Commissioners Hall, E. 3d, b. Tammany and Green
  • Hall of the American Philosophical Society (N E. angle of the State-House Yard)
  • American Philosophical Societys Library
  • County Agricultural Society
  • Apartments of the Philadelphia Athenium, Library Reading-rooms, &c
  • State Prison and Penitentiary, E. 6th, b. Walnut and Prune
  • Debtors Prison, S. Mulberry, b. Broad and Sch. 8th
  • High-street Market, in High-street, b 6th street and the Delaware This Market, including the spaces intercepted by the Cross-streets, is 900 yards in length
  • New Market, in 2d street, b. Pine and Cedar
  • Market, in Broad, b. High and Chesnut
  • Northern Liberties Market, in 2d street, b. Coars and Poplar
  • Kensington Market, in Beach-street, b. Maiden and Shackamaxon
  • Collectors Office, In the Custom-House, W. 2d, b. Walnut and Spruce
  • Naval Office, In the Custom-House, W. 2d, b. Walnut and Spruce
  • Surveyors Office, In the Custom-House, W. 2d, b. Walnut and Spruce
  • Inspectors Office, 49 South Wharves, below Walnut-street
  • Post-Office, S. Chesnut, b. 3d and 4th
  • Navy-Yard, Southwark, S Prime-street, on the Delaware River
  • U. S. Mint, E. 7th, b. High and Mulberry
  • University of Penna., and Medical School, and Theatre, W. 9th, b. Chesnut & High
  • Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, N. Chesnut, b. 10th and 11th
  • Philadelphia Academy, (N part of the Old College,) W. 4th, b. Market and Mulberry
  • Bank of N. America, N. Chesnut b. 3d & 4th
  • Bank of Penn., W. 2d, b Chesnut & Walnut
  • Philadelphia Bank, S Chesnut, and W. 4th
  • Farmers and Mechanics Bank, N. Chesnut, b. 4th and 5th
  • Bank of the U. S., S Chesnut, b. 4th & 5th
  • Mechanics Bank, E 3d, b. High & Chesnut
  • Commercial Bank of Pennsylvania, S. Chesnut, b. 3d and 4th
  • Schuylkill Bunk, S. High and E. 6th
  • Bank of the N Liberties, N Vine, b 2d & 3d
  • Stephen Girards Banking House, (late Bank of the United States) W. 3d, b. Chesnut and Walnut
  • Delaware Ins. Co. S Walnut and E. 2d
  • American Fire do. N. Chesnut, b 3d & 4th
  • Marine and Fire Ins Co. N. Walnut, b. Front and 2d
  • U. States Ins Co. N. Walnut, b. Front & 2d
  • N. American do. S. Walnut, b. Front & 2d
  • Pennsylvania Ins. Co N. Dock, and E. 2d
  • Philadelphia Ins. Co S. Walnut, and W 2d
  • Phoenix Ins. Co. W 2d, b. Walnut & Dock
  • Union Ins. N. Walnut, b. Front and 2d
  • Union Ins. Co. (Hand in Hand) Dock
  • Mutual Ins. Co in Walnut, b. Front and 2d
  • Pennsylvania Assurance Co. N. Chesnut, b 5th and 6th
  • United States Arsenal or Magazine, Schuylkill River, near Grays Ferry
  • Pennsylvania State Arsenal and Armoury from 13th to Juniper, b. High & Chesnut
  • Pennsylvania Hospital, N. Pine, b. 8th & 9th
  • City Hospital, (Fairmount) N. St Andrew, and W. Sch. 4th
  • Christ Church Hospital for Widows, S. Cherry, b. 3d and 4th
  • Dispensary, E. 5th, b. Chesnut and Walnut
  • Alms House and House of Employment, S. Spruce, b. 10th and 11th
  • Friends Alms House, and African School, S. Walnut, b 3d and 4th
  • Northern Dispensary, (N. Liberties) W. Budd, and N. Greene
  • Southern Dispensary, (Southwark) Shippen-street
  • Magdalen Asylum, N. Sassafras, and E. Sch. 2d
  • Orphans Asylum, N. Cherry, & E. Sch. 5th
  • Friends Widow Asylum, N. Cherry, b. Sch. 5th and 6th

This is an ultra-high quality, digitally restored print of New York, NY from the year 1821.

This historic piece includes several well known New York landmarks, and it’s super accurate for 1821.

Our team has restored this historic New York map by enhancing the colors as well as fixing discoloration, tears and creases. A few imperfections such as stamps and other markings with historical value have been left untouched, but they are easily cleaned up if you wish at no extra cost.

This high-quality historic map of New York, NY is available to you in multiple sizes and is printed with advanced ink formulas on museum-quality, durable paper.

These prints look amazing in a frame, or hung as a poster.

Questions about this New York, New York 1821 map?

  • Click the “message us” button to ask us about removing imperfections, changing colors or including custom margins to fit a specific frame size. We can do most of this for free.
  • Click the “message us” button to see if we have other maps of New York available that are not yet listed on the website. (We have thousands of maps not yet on the site – just let us know your city, we probably have more available.)
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    Framed Prints

    We have 15 different high-quality, handmade frames available! All frames are hand crafted from solid wood and include a glass front cover. All frames are manufactured in the United States and are packaged carefully and shipped safely to ensure your framed print arrives safely.

    For our prints we use acid-free, museum-quality paper along with archival inks that will ensure your print lasts a lifetime (and longer!).

    Unframed Prints

    Unframed Vintage Map PrintsOur unframed vintage maps are perfect if you are looking to frame the map yourself, or take it to a local frame shop (though be sure to check out our 15 framed print options!). We use state of the art, high resolution printers with high quality ink that will last a lifetime.

    All unframed prints are shipped rolled up in a heavy duty cardboard tube.

    Our paper is museum quality and is a heavy stock at 10.3 mil thickness. Giclee printing quality with a 94% opacity and 104% ISO brightness. You won’t find a higher quality vintage map reproduction anywhere.

    Canvas Prints

    Wrapped & Mounted Canvas OptionOur 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas prints feature your selected vintage map printed directly onto top quality polycotton canvas using archival inks and stretched over 1.5" solid pine stretcher bars.


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    Matthew K.
    Matthew K.
    Oxford, CT
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    We absolutely love the map's we ordered from Ted's Vintage Art! We ordered 3 different states (framed and all!) and have them hanging in our office. Everyone asks where we got them!
    Julia H.
    Julia H.
    Alpharetta, GA
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    I have purchased two maps from Ted’s Vintage Art. They are thoughtful gifts to friends and family of places they hold dear. Very unique and high quality!
    William C.
    William C.
    Winston-Salem, NC
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    I love my vintage map of my local area. It hangs in my home office right next to a world map. A great piece of art showing a great piece of history. Excellent quality and service!
    Christopher W.
    Christopher W.
    Buffalo, NY
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    I love my map from Ted's Vintage Art! Seeing an old map of my home town has given me a unique peek into the past! I love the attention to detail and the clear resolution of the print!
    Clea H.
    Clea H.
    Syracuse, NY
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    Our map is a great conversation piece. Guests like to pick out their neighborhood or look at historic landmarks. The amount of detail is incredible!
    Maryanne P.
    Maryanne P.
    Pittsburgh, PA
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    My husband loves the map of his hometown that I gave him for christmas. Its a really cool gift that adds character to our living room.
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