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Vintage Map of Hoboken, New Jersey 1903

Vintage Map of Hoboken, New Jersey 1903

Digitally restored and printed on museum-quality paper with archival ink in ultra high detail. Available framed, unframed or on 1.5 inch wrapped canvas. Made by hand in the USA.

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Hoboken, New Jersey Vintage Map

Historic Hoboken Landmarks On This Map

  • American Lead Pencil Co. Fifth and Clinton sts
  • Atkinson, Wm. H. & Co. Iron Works, Seventh st. and Hudson River
  • Barille, Frank H. Dealer in Imported and Domestic Wines and Liquors, 402 Washington st
  • Beberdick & Block, Flour, Feed, Grain, etc, Fourteenth st and Park ave
  • Bensons, James Sons, Real Estate Agency, Established 1860, 54 Newark st
  • Black Diamond Express, Emil LeFevre, Propr, Furniture Moved, City or Country, 219 Bloomfield st
  • Breckwoldt Bros. House Furnishing Goods, 209-211 First st
  • Bredes, John Sons, Truck and Wagon Mfrs. 209-213 Newark st
  • Bremerman, Wm. Banker and Broker, Hoboken Land & Impt. Co. Building
  • Burhorn, C. Alfred, Real Estate and Insurance Agency, Hoboken Bank for Savings Bldg. Newark and Washington sts
  • J. & W. Cahill & Co. Tea and Coffee
  • Importers, Ferry and Hudson pl
  • Campbell Stores, foot of Sixth st
  • Clements, J. Fancy Bakery, 728 Washington st
  • Cohn, Daniel, Loan Broker, 220 Washington st
  • Cooke, Martin, Meat Market, corner Clinton and Fourth sts
  • Cordts, Frank Furniture Co. 200-202 Washington sts
  • Cordts & Katenkamp, Furniture, etc. corner First and Park ave
  • Coyles Hotel, corner Washington and Newark sts
  • Davis, R. B. Baking Powser Co.s Works
  • Deile, Herman, Provisions, 89 and 91 Jackson st
  • Delaware Hotel, A. Bewig, Propr, cor Hudson place and River st
  • Delehey, Chas. J. Furniture, 164 and 166 First st
  • Deutsche Bierhalle and Lunch Room, Louis Fricke, Propr, Park avec or Ferry st
  • Dietrich, Louis N. Oyster and Chop House, 1022 Washington st
  • Dillinger & Jefsen, Caf, 1001 Washington st
  • Dukes House, Martin Daab, Jr, Propr
  • Eagan School of Business
  • Eclipse Phonograph Co. A. Wm. Toennies, Propr, 205 Washington st
  • Fagan Iron Works, Iron Contractors, Third and Jefferson sts
  • Fallon, John J. Counsellor at Law, Hudson Trust Bldg
  • Favorite Restaurant, August Moos, Propr, Restaurant and Caf, 112 Hudson st
  • Fischers Hotel, Wm. Doerschlag, Propr, 41-43 First st
  • Foerster, Edw. & Bro. Leather and Findings, 100 and 132 Bloomfield st
  • Gehrs, Albert O. Attorney at Law, First Natl. Bank Bldg
  • General Refrigeration Co. Cold Storage Dept. 3 King st
  • Germania Publishing Co. Hudson st opp. Hudson place
  • Gilch & Sons, Mfrs. Butchers Fixtures, Ice Houses, etc. 497 Ferry st and 208-210 Jackson st
  • Goelz, Geo. M. Grain, Feed Hay, Straw, etc. 654 and 656 First st
  • Gonzales American Hotel and Dining Rooms, 80 River st
  • Graafmeyer Brothers, The Printers and Lithographers, 260 Ninth st
  • Greenberg, L. Importer and Dealer in Wines & Liquors, 110 Washington st
  • Hachmann, Edw. Saloon, 650 First st
  • Hall, Perry E. Hoboken Planing and Moulding Mill, 501 to 511 Newark st
  • Hamburg & Altonaer House, Ernst Bartels, Propr, 34 Newark st
  • Harpers Agency, Estbd. 1860, Eugene V. Magee, Real Estate and Insurance, 56 Newark st
  • Harris, Geo. W. & Co. Bankers and Brokers, Hudson Trust Bldg. H. S. Wart, Manager
  • Hartoff, A. E. Plumber and Gas Fitter, 153 Second st
  • Heinrichs, Chas. & Co. Wholesale Dealers in Imported and Domestic Wines and Liquors, 1317 Washington st
  • Heuschkel, George, Decorator, 1016 Washington st
  • Heyman, H. Real Estate and Insurance, Bank for Savings Bldg
  • Hoboken Carpet Cleaning Works, Theo. Hochbaum, Propr, 912 Jefferson st
  • Hoboken Loan Co. Room 8, Hoboken Bank for Savings Building, Washington and Newark sts
  • Hoboken Riding Academy and Horse Exchange, A. P. Hexamer, 215-223 Hudson st
  • Hoffman, Chas. Coroner of Hudson CO. Undertaker and Embalmer, 109 to 113 Jackson st Telephone 22 Hoboken
  • Hoffman Pharmacy, Fifth and Garden streets
  • Hudson Arcade, Chas. Specht, Propr, 131 Hudson st, cor Second st
  • Hudson Automobile Garage, Automobiles Sold, Stored and Repaired, 1318-20 Park Ave
  • Hudson Trust Building
  • Jackson, F. D. Wholesale Dealer in Milk and Cream, 211 Washington st
  • Jaffee, Herman, Regina Music Boxes and other Musical Instruments, 130 Washington st
  • Kennedys John Sons, Roofing, etc. 315-17 Newark st
  • Keufell & Esser Co. Drawing Materials Mfy. Third and Adams sts
  • Korbach, Wm. Hay and Grain, corner Hoboken and Jersey aves
  • Kortlang, H. Lumber and Building Materials, Newark st foot of Grove st Telephone 445
  • Kusel, Fred, Confectionery, Tenth and Washington sts
  • Koven, L. O. & Bro. Galvanizing Wks
  • Lankering Cigar Co. 58 Newark st
  • City Hall
  • Post Office
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Public Library
  • Public Schools
  • German & Reformed Churches
  • Protestant Episcoapl Churches
  • Baptist Churches
  • Catholic Churches
  • Methodist Churches
  • Presbyterian Churches
  • Jewish Churches
  • Deutscher Club
  • Hoboken Quarette Club
  • Atlantic Boat Club
  • D. L. & W. R. R. Terminal Sta
  • Ferry House, Barclay & Christopher streets, New York
  • 14th st Ferry to 14th st, N. Y
  • Hoboken Land & Improvement Co.s Building, No. 1 Newark st
  • Lehman & Co. Mfrs. of Fine Leather Goods, Ferry st
  • Liesons Coffee Store, 738 Washington street
  • Leonard, C. DeR. Atty. And Counsellor at Law, First Natl. Bank Bldg
  • Levenson, M. General Contractor, 331 East Fourteenth st
  • McGann & Gallery, Coal, Nineteenth st and Park ave, Weehawken
  • McCann, Thos. H. Civil Engineer, Secon National Bank Bldg
  • Meyers Hotel, cor Hudson and Third streets
  • Meyer, Geo. H. Smoked, Salt and Preserved Fish, 114-16-18 Harrison st
  • Mischo Bros. Painters and Decorators, 203 Sixth st
  • Mohn, Chas. A. Ranges, Furnaces and Heaters, 156 Seventh st
  • Moller, Wm. Paints, Oils, Hardware, etc. 107 Willow ave
  • Monace, A. Furniture, Carpets, etc. 400 to 404 Madison st, Storage 418 Madison st
  • Morris Restaurant, M. Levithan, Proprietor, 314 River st
  • Mutschler, Hermann, Caf, 1039 Washington st
  • Neumann, R. & Co. Leather Mfrs, Willow ave and Ferry st
  • New York Bottlers Supplies Mfg. Co. Limited, 1208-14 Willow ave
  • New Jersey Transfer & Baggage Express, Wm. Utz, Propr 101 River st
  • New York Switch & Crossing Co. Manufaturers, Engineers and Contractors
  • O. K. Eletric Equipment Co. Telephone Connection. Chris. A. Otten, Propr, 505 Washington st
  • Oriental Metal Bed Co. Mfrs. Brass Bedsteads, cor Eighth and Grand sts
  • Palace Hotel and Caf, Charles Von Broock, Propr, 39 and 41 Newark st
  • Parrott, Chris. Truck and Wagon Maker, 423 Newark st
  • Pflugh, August T. Sanitary Plumbing and Heating, 104-6 Adams st
  • Podesta, Angelo, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Wines and Brandies, 830-832 Washington st
  • Podesta, John, Wholesale Dealer in and Importer of Wines and Liquors, 332-334 Washington st
  • Rath, Robert J. Carpenter and Builder, 259 Sixth st
  • Red Cross Pharmacy, J. I. Maggio, Pharmaceutical Chemist, 1826 Willow ave, Weehawken
  • Reinkings Hall, Charles Reinking, Propr, 125 and 127 Hudson st
  • Ridner, Dr. G. Spencer, Dentist, 500 Washington st
  • Ruggieri Bros. Independent Meat Market, 309 Clinton st
  • Rusch, Mrs. S. Undertaker and Embalmer, 163 Second street, Telephone 395 B, Hoboken
  • Russ & Heppenheimer, Counsellors, Seond National Bank Bldg
  • Schmidt, Henry L. Mfr. Beer and Ale Pumps and Mineral Waters, 510-512 Fourth st
  • Schmidt, Jacob, Boarding and Livery Stables, 225-27 Washington st
  • Schmidt, Victor, Pharmacist, 1100 Washington st
  • Schluter, Chas. Livery and Boarding Stable, 408 Bloomfield st
  • Schultz, Chas. S. Brick, Lime, Cement, etc. Seventh st Docks
  • Second National Bank, Newark and River sts
  • Seeshaf, Albert, Rail Road and Steamship Ticket Offie, 122 River st
  • Smith Bros. Mfrs. of Stiff and Soft Felt Hats, 102 Washington st
  • Steljes & Steljes, Real Estate and Insurance, 1212 Washington st
  • Steneck, John & Sons, Bankers and Brokers, Steamship Passenger Agts, 95 and 222 River st
  • Struckmeyer, John, Caf and Restaurant, 312 River st
  • Sturkens Ice Cream Depot, 620 Washington st
  • Stutz, Otto C. Stationer, 94 River st
  • Tahen, Cornelius J. Importer of Wines, Liquors and Cigars, S E cor Fifth and Grand sts, S W cor Fifteenth and Park sts
  • The Trust Co. of New Jersey
  • The Uptown Dry Goods Stoore, Max Polesie, Propr, 1028-1030 Washington st
  • Tietje & Christ, Furniture, 258 to 262 First st
  • Tietjen & Lang, Dry Docks
  • United Bavarian Looking Glass Wks. Schrenk & Co. Proprs, 1008-1014 Clinton st
  • United Electric Co. of N. J. H. D. King, Supt
  • Union Iron Works, Newark ave, foot of Monroe st
  • Ungar, J. Imported and Domestic Wines and Liquors, 462 First st, 102 Hudson st, 318 River st
  • Von Deestens Confectionery and Ice Cream Saloon, 250 Washington st
  • Weber, Chas. Picture Frames, 518 Washington st
  • Weinacht, Chas. Wholesale Dealer in Wines, Liquors and Beers, 57 Fifth st
  • Weintraub, M. Up-to-Date Jewelry Store, 115 Washington st
  • Wenzs Buffet, 63 Newark st
  • White, Wm. H. Real Estate and Insurance, 52 Newark st
  • Whittemore, Walter F. Civil Engineer, 1 Newark st
  • Wiedermanns Agency, Real Estate and Insurancec, 930 Washington st
  • Woodman, Joel H. Mfr. Veneer Seatings, Fifteenth and Clinton sts
  • Wright, Mathew, Practical Horsehoer, 515 Newark st
  • Zabriskie, Paul, Wine and Sample Room, 89 Hudson, cor Newark st
  • Zaug, Chas. House, Sign and Decorative Painter, 421 Washington st

This is a high quality, digitally restored print of Hoboken, NJ from the year 1903.

This vintage print includes many historic Hoboken landmarks, and it’s incredibly accurate for 1903.

Our team has restored this vintage Hoboken map by enhancing color as well as fixing discoloration, rips and creases. A few marks such as stamps and other markings with historical value have been left untouched, but they are removed easily if you would like at no additional cost.

This historic historic map of Hoboken, NJ is available to you in different dimensions and is printed in ultra-high quality resolution on museum-quality, matte finish paper.

These look beautiful either framed or unframed.

Questions about this Hoboken, New Jersey 1903 map?

  • Click the “message us” button to ask us about removing imperfections, further recoloring or creating specific margins to fit a specific frame size. We will do most of this at no extra cost.
  • Click the “message us” button to see if we have other maps of Hoboken available that are not yet listed on the website. (We have thousands of maps not yet on the site – just let us know your city, we probably have more available.)
  • For any other questions, please check out our FAQ.
    • Are you looking for a similar map of a different location? We have thousands of maps available that are not yet listed on the site. Contact us and let us know what we can help you find!
    • Interested in getting this print blown up and printed as a wall mural? Contact us and send us a note.
    • For any other questions, please check our FAQ.
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    All unframed prints are shipped rolled up in a heavy duty cardboard tube.

    Our paper is museum quality and is a heavy stock at 10.3 mil thickness. Giclee printing quality with a 94% opacity and 104% ISO brightness. You won’t find a higher quality vintage map reproduction anywhere.

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    Wrapped & Mounted Canvas OptionOur 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas prints feature your selected vintage map printed directly onto top quality polycotton canvas using archival inks and stretched over 1.5" solid pine stretcher barss.

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    If the smallest side of your mural is larger than 52 inches, your order may come in multiple panels.

    Additionally, we can zoom in on a specific portion of the map and print only the area in which you are most interested. If you would prefer to have a zoomed in portion of the map printed instead of the full map you will be given the option to let us know when you are adding your mural to the cart before checkout.


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    Matthew K.
    Matthew K.
    Oxford, CT
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    We absolutely love the map's we ordered from Ted's Vintage Art! We ordered 3 different states (framed and all!) and have them hanging in our office. Everyone asks where we got them!
    Julia H.
    Julia H.
    Alpharetta, GA
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    I have purchased two maps from Ted’s Vintage Art. They are thoughtful gifts to friends and family of places they hold dear. Very unique and high quality!
    William C.
    William C.
    Winston-Salem, NC
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    I love my vintage map of my local area. It hangs in my home office right next to a world map. A great piece of art showing a great piece of history. Excellent quality and service!
    Christopher W.
    Christopher W.
    Buffalo, NY
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    I love my map from Ted's Vintage Art! Seeing an old map of my home town has given me a unique peek into the past! I love the attention to detail and the clear resolution of the print!
    Clea H.
    Clea H.
    Syracuse, NY
    Read More
    Our map is a great conversation piece. Guests like to pick out their neighborhood or look at historic landmarks. The amount of detail is incredible!
    Maryanne P.
    Maryanne P.
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Read More
    My husband loves the map of his hometown that I gave him for christmas. Its a really cool gift that adds character to our living room.
    Michael V.
    Michael V.
    Greeley, CO
    Read More
    I bought my dad the vintage map of Greeley, Colorado, and he absolutely loves it! He has been a civil engineer in the city of Greeley for 35 years, and he loves seeing the old streets and buildings in the city that he lives.
    Chelsea S.
    Chelsea S.
    Martinsville, IN
    Read More
    This map was a gift for my dad who is a farmer, and has family that has resided in our county for multiple generations. He has enjoyed taking the time to find our family’s land parcels, and those of his fellow farmers. He has now developed an interest in collecting other vintage maps.
    Anna C.
    Anna C.
    Elk Point, SD
    Read More
    I got this map for my brother as a Christmas gift and he loves it! He’s a big fan of vintage maps and prints and this fits his collection perfectly. The image is crystal clear.
    Hallie R.
    Hallie R.
    Read More
    I love the quality of the print and the richness of the colors and it looks so cool hanging on our wall in a minimalistic frame. Would absolutely recommend this Ted’s Vintage Art to a friend. Thank you!
    Corinne S.
    Corinne S.
    Houston, TX
    Read More
    I had this map of Alaska framed as a Christmas gift to my husband, who is from Juneau, to hang in his office. He absolutely loved it!
    Michelle L.
    Michelle L.
    Bethlehem, PA
    Read More
    My father’s family settled in Northampton County in 1751 and we love the gorgeous documentation on this map. Thank you for making available such a beautiful piece of our local history.

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