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Venezuela, a country located on the northern coast of South America, consists of a continental landmass as well as numerous islands. The total land area is 916,445 square kilometers, or 353,841 square miles. In 2019, the population was estimated to be 28 million inhabitants, which makes the country the 45th most populated in the world. The country is categorized as developing, and ranks at 113th on the Human Development Index. The current president of Venezuela is Nicolás Maduro; however, his presidency has been under dispute since 2019. Currently in his spot is Juan Guaidó.

The country of Venezuela is in the shape of a triangle, and has a long coastline of 2,800 kilometers, or 1,700 miles. There are several Caribbean islands included in that number. The topography of Venezuela can be separated into three regions: the lowland plains, the mountains, and the interior forested uplands. Venezuela’s highest point is located within the mountain range, and is known by the name of Pico Bolívar, with an elevation that exceeds 4,979 meters, or 16,335 feet.

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