Vintage Map of North Africa & the Mediterranean Sea, 1570
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Old Maps of Tunisia

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Tunisia is the northernmost country located in Africa, bordered by both Libya and Algeria. The capital and largest city is Tunis, which also gives the country its name. Spanning a total land area of 163,610 square kilometers, or 63,170 square miles, Tunisia is Africa’s smallest country; however it has a relatively large population with an estimated count of 11,708,370. Tunisia is a part of several international communities, such as the United Nations, the African Union, and is also a major non-NATO ally to the United States. The current president is Kais Saied, while the current prime minister is Najla Bouden.

Despite its small size, Tunisia is home to great environmental diversity. There exist numerous mountain ranges, with the highest point in the country, Djebel Chambi, reaching an altitude of 1,544 meters above sea level. Reaching seventeen meters below sea level, or 56 feet, Chott el Djerid is the lowest point in the country. The climate of Tunisia is Mediterranean in the north, with the southern end of the country belonging to a desert climate. The northernmost parts of the Sahara fall into Tunisia. There exists a series of salt lakes, which are also known as chotts, lie in the east-west line near the northern edge of the Sahara.

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