Vintage Map of Azores, Portugal 1665
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Portugal is a country located on the Iberian Peninsula within Southwestern Europe. The country shares a border with Spain, which is the only country to share a land border with Portugal. The capital, and largest, city is Lisbon. Spreading a total area of 92,212 square kilometers, or 35,603 square miles, Portugal is the 109th largest country in the world by area. The total population of the country is 10,352,042 inhabitants, which makes Portugal the 82nd most populated country. The country’s government is a semi-presidential representative democratic republic, and the current prime minister is António Costa.

The country of Portugal is split by its main river, the Tagus. The northern region of the country is primarily mountainous, while the southern region is dominated by rolling plains. The highest point within the country is Mount Pico, an ancient volcano that reaches 2,351 meters, or 7,713 feet in the air. The archipelagos of Portugal were formed from volcanic events, and are all located on some sort of plate movement hotspot. The most recent occurrence of a volcanic eruption took place in 1957. There are very few earthquakes, however they are all minor and hold very low intensities.

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