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Madagascar is an island country located 400 kilometers (200 miles) off of the coast of East Africa. The country is made up of the main island Madagascar and several other smaller island countries. Spanning an area of 592,800 square kilometers (or 228,900 square miles), Madagascar is the second largest country that primarily consists of islands, the first place title belonging to Indonesia. The country is a part of some of the least developed countries in the world, mainly due to several economic crises. To this day, the quality of life for the Malagasy population remains relatively low.

Geographically, Madagascar can be split into three longitudinal zones, and they are as follows: the central plateau, the coastal strip in the east, and the zone of low plateaus and plains in the west. The central plateau is home to the country’s highest point, which is Maromokotro, standing at 2,876 meters high, or 9,436 feet. When it comes to the climate of the country, both southeastern trade winds and monsoons come together to produce a hot and rainy season that runs from November through April. There is a relatively cooler and dryer season from May to October. Tropical cyclones are very common, and have been responsible for several amounts of damage to infrastructure and economies, as well as loss of life. Cyclone Gafilo has the record for the strongest cyclone to hit Madagascar in 2004, causing 172 deaths, more than US$250 million left in damage, as well as leaving 214,260 homeless.

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