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Old Maps of Greenland

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Greenland is a country that also serves as the world’s largest island. Located between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, the country is one of the most sparsely populated in the world, with a total population of 56,421. Around a third of the total population lives in the capital and largest city of Nuuk, followed by Sisimiut. A great majority of the population lives on the southwest coast where conditions are warmer than the north. Greenland is home to the world’s largest national park, located in the northeastern part of Greenland. The park is adamantly called Northeast Greenland National Park.

The climate of Greenland is known to be cold, with average temperatures ranging from -5.1 to 9.9॰C (which is 22.8 to 49.8॰F). The total area of Greenland is 2,166,086 square kilometers (836,330 square miles), and the Greenland Ice Sheet covers around 81% of it. The lowest temperature ever recorded within Greenland was recorded near the summit of the ice sheet, and measured -69.6॰C (that’s -93.3॰F). This temperature is also the lowest temperature ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere. Unfortunately, climate change has started to show signs in Greenland. For example, scientists located at a Swiss Camp recorded the temperatures between the years of 1991 and 2004. The winter climate was shown to have raised a total of 6॰C (or 11॰F) during these years. In August 2021, rain was recorded to have fallen on Greenland’s ice cap for the first time in history, which many scientists attribute towards climate change.

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