Vintage Map of Sweden, Norway & Denmark 1871
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Vintage Denmark Maps

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Old Maps of Denmark

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Denmark is a nordic country located within Europe. The country consists of the peninsula of Jutland, as well as an archipelago made up of 443 islands. The country spans a total land area of 42,943 square kilometers (16,580 square miles), and is home to a population of 5.91 million people. A great majority, around 800,000 people, live within the capital and largest city of the country, Copenhagen. Denmark is known to be one of the most developed countries in the world with a high standard of living. The current Queen of Denmark is Margrethe II, while the Prime Minister is Mette Frederiksen.

The topography of Denmark is relatively flat, with an average height of the land being 31 meters above sea level, or 102 feet. The highest point of the country is Møllehøj, which stands at an altitude of 170.86 meters, or 560.56 feet high. Although the altitude of Denmark is very low in comparison to surrounding European countries, it is still safe from rising sea levels. The climate of Denmark is temperate, which is known for its mild winters and cool summers. Because of its location in the north, Denmark experiences short winter days and long summer days.

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