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Vintage Map of Caribbean Sea 1943
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Vintage Cuba Maps

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Old Maps of Cuba

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Cuba is an island country surrounded by numerous archipelagos, and is classified as a North America country with its location in the Carribeans. Not counting the area waters, the total area of Cuba is 109,884 square kilometers (that’s 42,426 square miles), with a total population of over 11 million inhabitants. This makes Cuba the second most populated country in the Carribeans, following Haiti. The largest city in Cuba is Havana, which just so happens to be the country’s capital. Some other large cities within Cuba include Santiago de Cuba and Camagüey. When it comes to culture, Cuba is considered a part of Latin America due to the multiethnic population Cuba holds, which brings multiple different cultures within.

The entire climate of Cuba is very tropical. The country experiences winds year round due to the fact that it is an island and such close proximity to waters. Along with this, Cuba is very susceptible to hurricanes. The most recent hurricane to hit Cuba was Hurricane Ida in 2021, where it cost Cuba $100 million dollars in damages, as well as $40 million dollars lost in insurance money.

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