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Old Maps of The Bahamas

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The Bahamas is a country located within the Lucayan Archipelago in the Atlantic, and makes up 88% of the Archipelago’s population as well as 97% of the Archipelago’s land area. When it comes to the GDP per capita, The Bahamas ranks high, and is one of the richest countries in North America following the United States and Canada. The reason for this is based on tourism expenses as well as offshore finances. The five most populated cities in The Bahamas are Nassau (the capital city), Lucaya, Freeport, West End, and CoopersTown.

Before gaining independence, The Bahamas had a long history of British colonialism. The last colonial leader was the Duke of Windsor. However, he resigned from his position on March 16th, 1945 after bringing the country through numerous hardships. Following this long history of colonialism and power, The Bahamas was given its independence on the 22nd of June, 1973. The country’s independence day is celebrated on July 10th, as this marks the date Prince Charles delivered official documents to the first prime minister of The Bahamas, Lynden Pindling. Currently, Elizabeth II reigns as queen, and Philip Davis serves as prime minister.

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