Need a gift for the genealogist in your family? Complete the story with vintage maps!

You don’t need to look far to see that when it comes to giving gifts, nostalgia is always a hit. We remember simpler times, milestones, and a version of ourselves that we may have grown apart from. We cherish things that represent our own history. We all like to hold a piece of our story and the roadmap of our lives. From family history to a dream travel destination, we all can find ourselves inside of a map.

In the late 1800s, thousands of county maps including the names of current landowners and homesteaders were drawn and published. This is a small section of a vintage county map featuring the names of land owners / homesteaders at the time.

Family tree mapping has no shortage of enthusiasts. Services like and make easy work of discovering your roots spanning back centuries. This journey back in time is a sense of pride and inspiration for many. These self-affirming discoveries are well deserving of a representation that can be hung on the wall for all to see. There isn’t a more fitting representation of this connection to the past than a vintage map of the exact location your ancestors hail from.

A framed map isn’t just a series of boundaries; it’s wall art that features who you are and where you come from. After all, what history is more inspiring than your own? With vintage maps, you can share a moment in time and retell a story. A beautifully framed land ownership map from the 1800s allows you to see not only how things have changed, but look at the plot of land that was the beginning of your family in the United States. Hanging on the wall is untold stories of hard work and determination.

Chart Your Personal History

Are you looking for an anniversary gift? A decorative framed map of the place you met, lived together, or proposed is a cherished memory you can display with pride in your home. 

For a parent or relative, surprise them with an antique map of the town your ancestors immigrated from, complete with names and property lines. Old style maps are an art form that is displayed prominently in a home or office. Decorative maps truly bring a touch of elegance and class to a room unlike anything else. The beauty of modern technology is you can have a decorative map that looks old, but is printed to modern standards. These authentic recreations resist fading and yellowing, and are sure to stand the test of time. An antique style map is an heirloom that is preserved forever for future generations.

Decor for History Buffs

Framed Historic Map Hanging On WallFramed vintage maps make an ordinary room into something unique. Decorative maps are home decor that brings American or world history to the center stage. For a history enthusiast, old maps are a window back in time to an era they are most passionate about. A battlefield map shows fortified ridgelines, strategic thickets, and even the unfortunate farmhouse caught in the crossfire. Historical maps let us walk in the shoes of the men and women who lived in some of the most trying times in history. 

The entire story of wars won and lost are represented on the brittle parchment of an old map. They capture an event that changed the course of history forever in the matter of hours. Historical maps can enhance any room exquisitely and tell exciting tales of the past. These maps are a conversation piece that can complete any space from entryways to a home office.

The Gift of Where We Came From

While we can’t go back in time, we can bring the past into the present. Maps connect us to the events that shaped the communities we live in. They are simple yet extraordinary. It’s easy to make a statement of worldliness and reverence with a small piece of our family history. Every map contains a story and a lesson about the countless lives that came before us. The simplicity of seeing farms back up to a stream for grazing livestock or businesses clustered around the local rail yard transports us back to a time where towns thrived independently. Antique maps allow us to discover more about our own origins.

 Antique maps retain a particular veneration within their margins. We somehow become captivated by the secrets they hold. We ask ourselves about the lives of those who lived within the carefully stenciled lines. What were their lives like? We gaze in amazement when we see the farm that now hosts a 40 story skyscraper or a sprawling subdivision. While the world around us rapidly changes, maps are snapshots of the past that represent precisely who we are and how we got here.

For the family tree fanatic on your list, a vintage map is the gift of their story from the beginning. The story of how we arrived to where we are and what would have been under our feet a long time ago. Give the gift of history so that it can be passed down, preserved, and never forgotten.

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